New builds on adelaide road glenageary / glasthule


Amyone know anything about these houses, was walking past at the weekend and they look to be very well finished off but never saw them advertised for sale anywhere?


I was told locally that the person who developed these and others locally rents them out. I can’t verify that however.


makes sense if they have never appeared for sale


They were advertised for rent on Daft back in May @ €4,950 per month:


nice one rew

nice houses although looking at it they were constricted with height as ground floor ceiling levels look lowish

hope all is well with you


They are nice but 5k seems mad money, I was impressed they shifted them. All good here still plugging away on my renovation plans, not idea how much thats going to be so maybe 5k a month will suddenly look like a bargain :smiley:


probably will!! good luck with it all im sure itll turn out great.

5k seems to be the going rate, one of my neighbours was relocating back from london so rented his place for a year before he came back and that was the asking as well.

In that case (and i would guess similar in those houses) it was a company relocating a guy from france, so a corporate let rather than a private individual.