New builds - Scholars Rest, Hollyfort, Gorey (-200k, -38%)

A massive drop in Gorey, which now has 937 properties for sale on

18th May 2008

* Price changed: from '€497,500' to 'From €325,000'

12 October 2007

* Price changed: from '€525,000' to '€497,500'

25 June 2007

* Initial entry found.

I found two links for them at 475k recently




Anyway it’s still a massive drop. I’d imagine small developments like these are really feeling the pressure from the bank manager.

Even at the current price I can’t help but feel its vastly overpriced.
Gorey is just to far to commute long term, with petrol prices skyrocketing places like this have to readjust massively imho .

The current price is right for 2015 Dublin proper suburb pricing…but its not there…

I dont think these that sell see from much above 200K, above 300 is a pipe dream.