New Builds - Spencer Dock Apartments (-130k)

They used to start at 450k


they now start at 430k

Bueller? Bueller?

I’ve passed this site a few times. The location - looking out over Sheriff St. - is somewhat at odds with the glamorous image of yachts on the ad. Incidentally if you go to property investment service. Perhaps it’s just me but the very name - aspiration - is suggestive of the “because we’re worth it” mentality.

Corner of the back of the site is right beside sherrif st traditional Bonfire site…

These and the IFSC apartments are the tenements of the future.

Now from 420k

Now 375K

even though the price has dropped 55k since November

That’s 6k per month they are still expecting “strong capital appreciation”

a salutory lesson

these spencer dock gaffs are losing you 6k per month not including interest

that’s a lot of bread and food for thought to those who still say

Rent is dead money

My dead money is helping me avoid losing more than I earn…

illustrative of the crushing nature of the Down side

It always makes me laugh when I see this guy on CNBC.
You just cant take him seriously as an economist.

I keep expecting him to come out with ‘Voodoo Economics’.

Now from 370k

though they went up to 560k in the meantime?!? - see

Now from 320k

At least these gaffs are predictable. ewd3 noted a trend of 6k per month drop in August last year. Fast forward to today and they’ve dropped 130k since November 2007: exactly 6k a month!

foly huck
imagine losing 6k a month jaysus…

I’d a discussion with a guy on a thread who failed to see how people could lose…

EAs clearly doing no work still… Not only have they double posted the blurb but this line needs some work…

And since when is it a good thing to live in one of the largest city centre developments in Europe? :unamused:

the three beds start from 860k so credit where credit is due, the have a sense of humour !!

Concierge and on site security contribute to a high management fee that will probably go up and up.
Parking a nightmare for visitors if they get rid of the parking from the quays as planned. You might as well leave your car on Sherriff St with the keys in it and the engine running.
Best part is that because of ‘lively’ nature of the area the Garda helicopter pays regular visits and hovers overhead. Try sleeping with your head in the washing machine while it is on spin cycle and you will get a sense of what it is like !
Apartments are well built and very well finished although some are very small and badly laid out.

This one-bed has dropped from 225k to 170k