New builds - The Grange, Ballyboughal, Dublin (-37%)

14 units

Were from 1,100,000


Now from 950,000

The ad for this place in the Indo supplement Property Plus has enlarged text of “PRICES SLASHED BY €150,000” and “HOUSE EXCHANGE CONSIDERED”.

Now from 695k

If u have 700,000 to spend… plus the extra for stamp duty… u could get a MUCH better house than this in a more central location… If it were half the price then maybe it would start looking like a good deal…

same agent as for warren manor in malahide

same marketing technique post a slight reduction on internet but omit that price is from 695k
4 of the houses are 695 the remainder creep up to 890k with the sites with better aspect /size i presume costing more. 2 are reserved for affordable housing as an aside i wonder how this condition is ever going to be upheld?

this is a small development of 16 houses which has seen no activity in the last year, 2 showhouses were built and thats it. one showhouses shows signs of someone living in it

EA claims 4 houses are sold as he seeks to reassure you that your not going to end up in a ghost estate(mmm were have we seen this before?) but when pressed admits 2 are contingent on the buyers selling their houses so i suppose that might buy him some more time.

cnoc dubh another development in the area went belly up some time last year and is now an uncompleted eyesore in the village

alternatively you can buy a serviced site of them for 350k plus 40k contributions this will get you roughly 0.1 acre site

grossly overpriced 700k will buy you a very good house in better locations whereas 890k …

this will remain a ghost estate unless reality kicks in and they drop another 300k off their price

Given that you can get this in Ranelagh for 650k why would you bother - … BHIJ392290

You might have to do a bit of work on it, you will have to pay stamp duty. You will still have to pay over the odds (I view the long term price of the Ranelagh house as ca 350k) but if you were even thinking of The Grange you were prepared to do that anyway.

They are back on the Market via flynn in swords 340k and 280k, new builder !

Building to commence July 2012 would anybody be willing to take a chance with builders these days

New builder or same builder different company

Anybody local who can confirm any activity on the ground

He is building away each day and some drop in price !