New builds - The Old Chocolate Factory, Kilmainham


1 beds from 330k
2 beds from 410k
3 beds from 530k



1 beds from 299k, -9.4%
2 beds from 399k, -2.7%
3 beds from 479k, -9.6%


“You can walk to O’Connell Bridge in about 20 minutes.”

Er, the DTO journey planner disagrees, quoting double that, around 42 minutes.

Distance: 3.558 km Time: 42 minutes”

So I guess you would need to be an Olympic standard power-walker to get close to 20 minutes. Should the Advertising Standards people be notified, so are they allowed this sort of gross exaggeration in order to shift some more shoeboxes??

Yep. Fire off a complaint if you can bang an email together.

Regarding this area, there is nothing very close.

There is horrendous traffic right outside you door in the guise of the congested Chapelizod Bypass / N4

There are few shops close, of which you have Kilmainham or Inchicore to choose from. About a 10 / 20 minute walk respectively.

This is a good location in ways but crap planning around island bridge sees the massive potential wasted beyond belief. ITs a shame its a very peacful landscape in many ways seciton almost untoiced by the commuters huddled in their cars crawling home or too work. If you ever had the pleasure of enjoying a nice walk or sunny day along the memorial park over looking the rowing clubs & phoenix park you’ll know what I am talking about.

If I was buying and I is not, I’d waiting to see what happens to the old barracks down the road over at island bridge. Further from shop s but close to Liffey walks & phoenix park and its worth it for this.

I lived up the road in Chapelizod for over 6 years so I am fairly familiar with this area. should be an amazing part of the city but vision & care is not something state bodies special in, especially corrupt and rusty corporations, but at least the pay is fucking great!

and that’s assuming you’re not mugged on the way.

2 beds down to 395k:

You’ll find councillors vote in the local area plan and you vote in the councillors!

Democracy works! You love it! :stuck_out_tongue:


#214 (two bed) is now 350k, see viewtopic.php?f=23&t=14948&p=149355

2-beds now from 325k

And how do you avoid the mugging ?
By walking (or running) very fast and … voila ! … 20 mins :stuck_out_tongue:

2 bed still asking €320k ok your not charged for your car space but this still seems lunacy to me. Also €1200 per annum service charge. I know someone who bought there and whilst it is nice these prices seem crazy to me … n-8/206149

Our friends on askaboutmoney in 2008 makes interesting reading

Astonishing that people were still lining up for the kool-aid in March 2008.

If they did go ahead, they would be seriously in the brown stuff at this stage.