New builds - The Strand, North Strand Road (c. -60%)

1 beds
-7.02% The Strand, North Strand Road, North Strand, 284950, 264950, -20000
2 beds
-3.00% The Strand, North Strand Road, North Strand, 334950, 324905, -10045
3 beds
-5.00% The Strand, North Strand Road, North Strand, 399950, 379950, -20000

Original prices here

1 beds now from 219,950 (-65k, -23%)

2 beds now from 249,950 (-85k, -25%)

1-beds now 199,950 (they started at 299,950 according to … 65674.html)

Down 100k / 33%

1 beds now from 179,950 (down from 284,950 = 37% drop)

Ad also says

3 beds now from €199,950 (-50%)

back up again 1 Beds €199,950 (+ 20k)
2 Beds €259,950 (+ 10k)

1-beds from 179,950 again

2-beds now from 239,950

Wooooowwwww Roller Coaster - 1 beds back to
Region €199,950, but also says “1 Beds NOW FROM €179,950” hey it’s only 20 grand who gives a crap ?

1-beds now from 170,000

2-beds now from 235,000

2 beds. Now from €205,000
or €230,000

Sure what ever you fancy yourself.

2-beds now 145k (down 57%)
1-beds now 105k (down 63%)

the prices have dropped and I was wondering if anybody has had a look inside.
are they any good?
worth the investment?

has the agent one leg shorter than the other? what’s with the pictures.

what;s with the crazy angle on the 2 bed pics?

Maybe they are aiming at the high end overseas market when advertising such a host of nearby activities. what the hell is a bracing walk?
bracing for what?


I like some things in my life to be sultry, but buildings - not so much.

Pic 3: Something bad is going to happen. And soon.

For the 2 beds, from a high of €334,950 are now asking €110,000.
The developer Costello Construction has other properties on the NAMA for sale list so (Bay development in Clontarf and Aldborough Court, North Strand Road) through BOI, so I presume this is NAMA’d too.

I pass here now and then and some of the balconies are being used as storage areas, and are rather unsightly (but then again it’s only the North Strand).

Looks like a change of tact here. All the flowery EA language replaced by

3 Beds

  • ATTENTION INVESTORS * 5 x 3 Beds Available. RENTS FROM 1200. Rental Income Yearly approx 72,000.
    ASKING €720,000 for the lot.

2 Beds
10 x 2 Beds Available RENTS FROM 900.
ASKING €1,100,000 for the lot

1 Beds
17 x 1 beds available. RENTS FROM 800.
ASKING €1,600,000 for the lot
I don’t think these are Nama’d now.
The ones Costello Construction have in NAMA (Alderborough and Clontarf) are just sitting empty and For Sale for years now. (the Clontarf Bay development is just for rent. They did put them up For Sale again for a while ago at silly prices and then took them off again within a couple of months.)

The Leaning Tower of Pisa.