New builds - Wyckham Point, Dundrum - 1 beds (-161k, -39.3%)

So do the AHs follow these prices south?


Wow. If they’d take €205k for a 1 bed (possible), that would be a 50% cut. What a horrible, horrible situation for anyone who paid €410k. Some of those people would have been smart-arses trying to make a quick buck, but plenty would have been ordinary decent people who just made a bad judgement and now they are stuck there for a very long time, or, alternatively, they can accept a €200k debt burden to walk away. It makes my belly go tight with anxiety just thinking about it.

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council are now advertising these on daft as part of the affordable housing scheme.

1 beds 192,000
2 beds from 248,000
3 beds region 300,000

The Developers, Dorville Homes, were recently put into Receivership by Ulster Bank. … 8dublin%29

Lets see what the firesale prices will be like.

This could be interesting.
No (Irish) state bailout here.

I predict 70% below boom prices.
Cue calls from existing tenants asking for their own personal NAMA.

I think c.300 out of 530 are complete and occupied including some offloaded to housing associations and affordables as they were euphemistically known. However a lot were let by the developer and no number higher than 300 appears on the PPR . So 250 disposals expected and perhaps as many as 300. Highest recent sale price from PPR below, most are around €210k or so.

08/07/2012 299 Wyckham Point Wyckham Way Dundrum Dublin €280,000.00 f

I could see another few going en bloc to a HA under the CAS/CLASS schemes but I reckon 150 will come to market and Ulster won’t hang around disposing of them either. September 2013 latest I reckon. One or two blocks may be shell and core only and sold as a block. I looked at them maybe 3 years back as I drove by and before streetview got rid of that sort of thing. :slight_smile:

1 Bed for c. €120k and 5 for €500k sort of thing I reckon. Does Kieran Wallace take phone calls??? :smiley:
2 Bed for c. €170k and 5 for €700k

2009 prices below taken from upthread.