new celbridge development approved?

I heard the last three seconds of this on the radio. What’s the story? A new development in Celbridge has been approved–100+ houses? I hope this is true–those fuckstains holding out for 380k on their 4-bed semi will be screwed if this thing sees the light of day.

Is this the one by Castletown house?

Saturday View had a similar piece on this morning. Planning granted by DCC for 500 apartments, 7 stories high in Cabra.
Site cost was 28m. Developer acted as if he had every intention to build in the near future. Joan Burton correctly called it as nothing more than an attempt to bump up the collateral value on the loans for, guess who?
Also said the 4 Dublin councils in perticular are folded with these ‘fantasy’ pp applications. Don’t think you will be seeing those houses in Celbridge anytime soon.