New Commercial Leases database due end of March 2013 … our-weeks/

Another transparency gift from the troika

Any chance we could get one for residential too? PRTB should have all the details.

I can’t remember do they record the rent payable as well as the tenancy?

Not to my knowledge… and if it is initially recorded… should the rent change during the course of a lease then the PRTB won’t know since you are only register once.

Ok thanks for that clarification. Much appreciated!


Any word on this?

It’s going to be interesting to see how many coffees/pairs of jeans/haircuts/pints per hour need to be sold at various establishments to pay the rent.

Is there going to be register that shows how much commercial property sold for? There is a few sites with planning permission for houses that sold and I would be interested to know how much they went for but are not showing up on the PPR as sites are deemed commercial sales.

Tic toc, tic toc…

Meanwhile… … 67687.html

Well there was a long bank hol Larry. Can’t be expecting them to be out on time.

Plus it’s a 4 day week. Gotta find out what Theresa did with her few days off.

Maybe next week… :angry:

My own proposal.