New country in Euro zone from today … refer=home

Congratulations to Slovakia on new currency. It seems that they are doing economically very good and are well managed. If I remeber correctly they have 19% flat tax on personal income, captial gains and corporate. However I think the secret of their success was tasty and cheap beer :wink:

Sky News, carried the story of the Slovak accession, which corresponds to the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Euro, by using the phrases “the still controversial single currency” and saying that is was nearing a miles stone of being “worth almost one of our British pounds”.


Blue Horseshoe

:laughing: How long before “one of our British pounds” is automatically prefaced with “near-worthless”!?

I was also amused by the Sky News coverage, particularly the stuff about the 10 year birthday celebrations being on hold while they wait for it to reach parity with the pound.

I will volunteer to do a 4-year research project to corroborate this for you :wink:

At the current exchange rate, they are probably right!

Wait till they go on their holliers and then run this survey again!!! I’d say opinion would change markedly…

Like, why didn’t we join earlier Bloody Brown… :imp:

Don’t they all go to Florida?

I thought Spain was still the usual.

I was just talking to alot of English people or people using the pound over Christmas who were nicely shocked by the conversion rate, it’s gone on for a while, I remember an American friend moaning about the relative weakness of the dollar in 2006… I really should start ending these conversations by handing them a banana.

Actually an English guy was thinking that local tourism in the UK is likely to get a severe bounce this year.

Collapsing value of Polish zloty makes Jablonka village a Newry of East :wink: Poor translation provided by google: … S1M469Lozg

Which Jablonka are you referring to? … 9&t=h&z=15 … oivodeship