NEW Daft Add-On To Show Price of Property Per Square Meter

For Firefox Internet Browser:

GreaseMonkey Firefox Add-On Required.

Install Per Square Meter Userscript:

Any bugs / feedback on this userscript, please post on the above page.

I gave the developer a few euro to make this because I think it will be an interesting comparative tool,
esp with other European countries -even if it is only for asking prices.
So if you like this tool, there is a PayPal donate button at the bottom of the script page - even 1€ would be nice.

Let us know what you think.

Someone should tell Daft that it is spelled ‘metre’ in this part of the world

I think you missed the fact that this has nothing to do with Daft.

This is an Addon for the firefox browser that the OP has paid someone to develop and he has been kind enough to make it available to us all for free.


Hurrah for the OP

I’ve put Add-On in the title to avoid confusion.

The US spelling is meter and they also use liter.

I have to say, I prefer the US spellings myself.

This is a meter!

Nice script. FYI If the measurement has a decimal point, it gets ignored - so 100.5 sqm = 1,005 sqm. They are easy to spot when you are scrolling through though.

Excellente !

Perhaps it will encourage people to start thinking in these terms, both for comparative and overall value purposes.

Well Done. 8DD

I like it for the same reason that concept helps me choose beer in tesco.

Would be cool if you could get it to scan the whole site and give a breakdown of the best value houses in each city/postcode. Probably a load of work though…

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Thank you! 8DD

Bravo! :smiley:

Quite a lot of discussion on the 'pin on comparative and absolute value has been in cost per square foot. To allow a comparison with the results returned from the DAFT add-on, and for those who like to think in price per square foot:

€250 per square foot = €2691 per square metre
€300 per square foot = €3229 per square metre
€350 per square foot = €3767 per square metre
€400 per square foot = €4306 per square metre
€450 per square foot = €4844 per square metre
€500 per square foot = €5382 per square metre

I remember about a year and a half ago considering that €400 per sq foot in the non-trophy areas of D4 would be acceptable. I’d imagine that I would be revising that downwards now, but I’m not currently in the business of looking around as it felt too boring to wait for the glacial pace of change in prices. Having said that, I re-installed the Bee yesterday, and it was interesting to see what has dropped and by how much (or not!).

By the way - thanks - it’s a very useful tool.

This problem has now been fixed.

Update at:


Many thanks for a most useful tool.

Cheers 8DD

That’s brilliant, thanks

Gone all European, and to think that Ronan was only banging on about this last week in his blog and all …or was that us banging on at Ronan about comparative statistics :smiley:

"Now clicking on a .user.js link triggers Greasemonkey to pop up the script installation panel. Greasemonkey shows you a list of what sites the script will run on and ask if you want to install the script.

Now loading a web page results in additional code (the userscript) being run."

Que? I don’t get it - have Firefox, downloaded Greasemonkey, restarted browser, downloaded userscript, went on Daft and… nothing. Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?