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Who sees Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner ever fining a multi-national 4% of turnover.

This was discussed in a security conference which I attended today. Facebook and Ireland were the first company/country mentioned during question time for that Speaker and no, it wasn’t a Paddy raising the question.

Given that 4% of one year’s turnover is likely to be the total tax take Ireland will get from Facebook over it’s lifetime (because we effectively charge them 0% corp tax + Facebook will be bebo’ed in 10 years), we should stick it to them and run.

Would also free up another few housing transactions when Facebook leaves for poor old Miriam in Sherry Fitzgerald.

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The Irish Data Protection Commission lobbied to allow social networks to bypass user consent requirements within EU privacy rules, documents obtained by Max Schrems’ privacy campaign group show.

According to the documents obtained by under freedom of information law, the Irish DPC — which regulates the lion’s share of U.S. tech companies under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation — explicitly pushed for social networks to be able to monitor users’ behavior to target them with ads via a contract, rather than by having to obtain their consent.

However, the DPC’s attempts to include “performance of a contract” as a legal basis into the EU privacy guidelines was rejected by other European regulators, the documents show.

Might need to rename that department.

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