New Development 61 Cork Street, D8 (-10,000)

In June of last year

One Beds started at 330,000
Two beds started at 390,000 … cd=1&gl=ie


One Beds start at 320,000
Two beds start at 380,000

Most interesting part of this is that there are only 29 units which were all released last year and couldn’t sell.

Cork Street isn’t exactly salubrious: … =zy9875934

And those prices don’t include parking. No wonder they didn’t sell.

one beds still 320,000

two beds up to 395,000

The 2 beds had been listed at 395k until recently … 4&search=1

1 Bed Apartments From €270,000
2 Bed Apartments From €350,000

avg. 1 bed is what, 450-500 sq ft ? assuming 500, and so

€540/sq foot, no parking, no BER, no service charge. for D8 I ask you ]

Come on lads ffs this is 2009