New Development, Bremore Pastures Balbriggan

First you get 10k cashback (for the first 15 customers) … AAAAA15567

Also a starting prices have dropped.

Prices were:

link for above: … cd=5&gl=ie

Now on

3 bed terraces Size 958sqft starting from €335,000

2 bed town houses Size 743sqft starting from €300,000

3 bed Duplex Size 976sqft starting from €307,500

3 bed duplex now 295k.


Interesting that the ‘houses’ have not dropped, wouldn’t be that they are more desirable? :slight_smile:

2bed townhouses now 280k

3bed terraces now315k

2 bed apartments now from 245k (270k above), so a 9.3% drop

3 bed duplex now from 285k (310k above), so an 8% drop

3 bed terraced now from 305k (345k above), so an 11.6% drop

2 bed apts 270 > 245k > 230k

3 bed duplex 310k > 285k > 265k

3 bed terraced 345k > 305k > 265k

Also 4 beds just reduced from 365k to 325k

Latest prices in red

Latest prices in red

Also, all of these are available on rent-to-buy