New development - Maxwell Square, Rathmines

Came across this today: … -6/2852950 A new development in Rathmines, viewings this weekend. Price on application - how much do you think they will go for?

Don’t know but they have brought forward the launch date as I asked previously and am pretty sure they weren’t launching til March/April… Might view although not sure about the location - also the bigger ones look a decent size but seems they have gone for a tacky faux period finish. Smaller ones look much better but too small for my needs and zero potential to extend. Be interesting to see how much of a premium goes with the turnkey condition and the energy rating etc. Would guess the smaller ones may sell faster-would say most folks looking at a large house in D6 want a period house. (Christ knows why-they ate always bloody freezing!) Will post again if we view…

3 beds are €540k. 4 beds are €850k… wowzers

Hi where did you find prices? Was there a price listing for the 2beds? Not sure I’d cough up 850k to live there with kids- especially as the smaller places are bound to end up as rentals-89 square metres seems like a bachelor pad to me.

Rang the EA!

what a terrible ad - generic interior shots; not even a proper exterior one to the front

The photos are so horizontally stretched the toilet looks like it could accommodate two users at once!

That’s an expensive extra bedroom.

Thanks for that! The 3 beds sound quite ‘cheap’ to me, at least compared to other houses in the area and compared to what similarly sized new builds a lot further from the city (e.g. Stepaside) have been selling for.

Over 3 floors though, so each room is boxy. Garage takes up a portion of the sq footage. Terraced and little garden. €540k for a 1,200 sq foot will never be ‘cheap’ in my head anyway.

I rang the EA myself to check what exactly was on view (answer is one of each house type) and was told the four beds would be asking “in the late 800s”. Regret calling now as seems expectations have been pushed up from 850!! She said they will be taking offers but no deposits this weekend - asking prices to be announced Thursday. Be interesting to see what they go for as you’d expect developers might be more realistic about value than private homeowners i.e. will cash out at a profit rather than risk a drop maybe… but then they are greedy buggers so who knows.

I agree to a point. The fact that they are tin houses, over three floors and have no gardens to speak of (front or back) is the reason for the ‘not completely insane’ pricetag I suppose. €850k for the four bedroom ones seems very steep to me

Ring them up and ask them how they are getting on now. Tell them you want to buy a half dozen.

I took this photo at 6pm this evening.

A ghost square. A developers 4x4 just pulled away as I went up the drive to this. The two cars and a bike are all thats there.
The other cars and occupants must be hiding in their grey boxes.

Here are the original asking prices:

Prices at Maxwell Square:
Contemporary 2 bedroom hse from €475,000 x 1
Contemporary 3 bedroom hses from €540,000 -x 10 - the majority of dwellings
Classic redbrick 3 bedroom hse asking €650,000 x1
Classic redbrick 4 bedroom hses asking €850,000 x2

You would be pressed if you were a director and married to a director and had a director as a tenant to pay the mortgage on one of these. Its a pity there is only 1.5 parking spaces per house here(including garage space). One director will have to get the bus to work.

Lets see daftdrop.

No entry.

Meaning the Devs can wait.

And Daft: … n/1061387/

So they hiked the price 20,000k.

Now the register:

A few suckers have taken the bait or a few mates of the developer have moved in, it is of course impossible to know, the entries are being filled in very slowly on the register and that “last remaining” line on daft looks a bit of a fib.

I drive by these every day. Aren’t some of them built into the shell of the 3-story redbrick on the street? If so, those would be more attractive.

But the others are awful. Hideous on the outside, not great on the inside and looking out on identically hideous houses surrounding a car park.

We saw a three bed one a few weeks ago. Yes the development feels a little like a concrete jungle. The house was very warm inside. There’s very little parking. Youd need to keep your car in the garage and they are quite small i thought so some skill might be required getting in and out and you mightnt even have any room left for a bike.The bins are communal and there will be mgt fees. Gardens are small but quite nicely done. A few potted plants to soften them up a bit would do wonders. Surfaces inside and out all very hard and stark. Boring kitchen. Rooms small. No storage to speak of. Small fitted wardrobes in bedrooms and no room for much else except bed. Would suit renters or minimalists. If you have kids or much stuff it’s less attractive.

Must be finding it difficult to shift the last of these. Promo in Journal spotted today (posted 18 hrs ago).