New developments in Harolds Cross

Hi all,

2 new developments are starting in HC, 1 on Mount argus church land, lower kimmage road and a 2nd one on St clare convent across the road from the hospice. Both development are mainly apartments I believe. Total of about 350-400 new properties. I live in the area and I am concerned about extra cars on already very busy roads and adding extra pressure on local amenities. At the same time, HC could become a more vibrant area and see new shops/pubs/ restaurant opening up. Your views?

Overall I would say it will be good for the area if the development are build to a high spec. Most new developments are.

TBH I think its places like HC where people can easily commute to CC by bike or foot is where we need to be building.

I live close to the Mt Argus one. Never even knew anything was planned for there until the bulldozers rolled in 2 weeks ago!
I spoke to people who live Leinster Park and they’re not happy about a lot of Apartments going in to the north of them in St Clares but they can’t stop it.

The traffic in the mornings now is worse than it was during the bubble. In the past 2 months it has really backed up both the HX rd and the Lwr Kimmage Rd from 7am. These Apts will no doubt add extra traffic but an area so close to town like this will always be ripe for development.

The green spaces were private so no loss to the Community. But there soon won’t be much left of HZ that’s not built on

Expect the Dog track to be sold with a view to developing it as a residential development, Maybe a mixture of townhouses & apartments

Where is the Mount Argus one?

Thanks for the replies. The one in Mount argus is in front of the church. You can’t miss it. Good point about the race track, it ll likely to be more apartments again. going to be very built up. Wonder at what price they ll go for. Still think it ll put a lot of pressure on local infrastructure and school… But nothing much I can do about it.

Never even thought about the school angle!
My eldest started this yr and we applied to all the National Schools in HX and even St Joeys in Terenure. All were very heavily subscribed and in particular, Scoil Mologa (Gael Scoil) which had nearly 200 names down for 30 places! I know from friends who have an older kid in St Claires that there are over 35 in the class!

circa 50 houses and circa 30 apartments are planned in a scheme on Mt Tallant Ave/Harolds X Road junction also. The old tile factory there (or at least I think it was). No start date as yet

The problem is that the arc of suburbs from Ballinteer to Templeogue is not served by rail or four-lane road to city centre.

Bus traffic is routed through Harold’s X and Rathmines which are 3-lane at best. On winter mornings it has slowed to a total crawl, barely above walking pace.

There’s no doubt that the roads in this area are incredibly busy and local amenities are already under pressure, but at the same time this is exactly the type of area that needs to be developed. Dublin (and Ireland’s) problem isn’t development - it’s ensuring that we have good development. Good development should mean well designed, well constructed mixed-use buildings, served by appropriately sized infrastructure put in place in parallel to match increasing demand; and not hastily constructed years later when the problem is already there.

Done well, this is exactly what the city needs. Done badly, and it’s just more of the same.

Exactly right.
I don’t see any plans or ideas to solve the traffic problems, another couple of years and it will be insanely bad.

People have to live somewhere, And if their going to work in the CC its better we build closer to the CC, if we don’t build places closer to CC all will happen is people will live further away from where they work which will cause more traffic than if we build closer.

Okay not everyone works in the CC but there is huge imbalance between the no. of people working in the CC and the no. of people living close enough where they can cycle or walk to work in the CC which is adding to the traffic problems and new developments closer to the CC should be encouraged.

I would agree with comments in general about the right place to build etc… However, if we are looking at about 400 new properties being built currently in Harolds Cross (St Clares, Mount Argus), another 80 properties in Mount Tallant and potentially a further 200 (more?) once the greyhound track is sold, we are looking at an extra 2000 people living in the area. Not a problem as such if infrastructure, schools etc… are following the increase in population, but I am not aware of any transport or new infrastructure projects… Unless someone knows something I dont ?
Dublin bike is not even reaching HC at the moment and the nearest one is on the south circular road.
Traffic is already very heavy (even buses are stuck as there isnt a bus corridor all the way to town either). Just thinking the place could become totally saturated by next winter.

And people wonder why rents are on the rise…

Same kind of thing happening on other side of the city.

I disagree. Rents are rising for many reasons. A resistance to building on green-spaces is not one of them.
We have a low-rise city with very little infill development, no development of sites that have been available for years, and little to no repurposing of city centre old low-rise buildings being directly replaced with higher rise.

IMO a city needs it’s appropriate green-spaces, and while I agree that the dog track does not need to be wholly kept green, some public amenity spaces need to be designed in. Once the green space is gone it can never be reclaimed. And appropriate green spaces are vital & valuable to keeping our cities livable.

I was up that way last week, there is a petrol station on the South Bank of the Canal Parnell Road I think. Next to it is a big ass ESB compound with a big TO Let sign thoug it might be for sale. Looked a big site not sure if it could would be rezoned but one to watch

Does anybody know what’s happening on the main Harolds Cross road near the Pan Asian Cafe and bike shop? Pass by it everyday on my bike, looks like apartments?

Its on the grounds of the Hospice. Major development works going on at the back of the Hospice too, by the swimming pool.
I assumed both were expansion of the facilities there

Hi. From what I can recall from a harolds cross newsletter, I think they are building social housing, Mainly 1-2 bed apartments for disabled/elderly people who currently are homeless. … ss-dublin/

Seems to be a number of separate projects being undertaken.