New Electric shower


So my electric shower is no longer heating the water beyond luke warm.

Guessing the element inside isn’t working properly and this means getting a new unit. Do I source the shower myself and give it to an electrician to install?


There are companies that specialise in electric showers that will supply and install for a fixed price… This is much better for warranty and cheaper due to the vat differences.


Ditto. I got a replacement shower fitted not too long ago by Shower Doctors (Google them). Was very happy with them and got a very decent Mira shower for less than list prices I’d seen elsewhere. It was my second time buying the same unit, which I was really happy with, but nothing lasts forever.


To absolutely not answer the OP but remain broadly on topic - Wall mounted power showers while, convenient to a point, are not a patch on a active electric water pump on your water system - granted you need a good tank to have the on-demand hot water ready (but we have things called timers and stuff now for well decades…) and a water pump consumes so little energy compared to the 8-10kw or more wall mounted units do, more like sub 500w and are far quieter, and can be almost silent if installed nicely with considered placement and sound absorption materials when securing to a floor or wall.

Usually looks something like this as pictured below, is often installed around your hot water cylinder as the piping is normally clustered here. If it were me I’d put it in the attic for maximum quietness.

That’s mad Teddy, they go fo all kinds of crazy low prices on eBay :icon_eek:!

Probably low quality parts and bearings, ready to fail but a spend of €150. might be an average price for at least decent quality.

It all depends as well how much bar pressure you need or want, 1.5 might be enough, 3 might take the your skin off…The very low water pressure as standard in Ireland is an old pinster bug bear when compared to our European cousins - thus makes the Mira the standard to go… I’m thinking it might have been scale build up on the element that knackered it - is there much scale build up in your Kettle?


I have one of those pumps in my other gaff. Cost the best part of a grand, and the cowboy builder’s fitter fixed it to a tiled floor with no insulation. I’ve got the skin-stripping 3 bar alright, but it sounds like a Formula E racing car, and kicks in every time you flush a loo. If there’s an afterlife, I like to think we get to come back and have another go at all those building/decorating decisions we screwed up the first time round.


We have a pump for our attic shower and sink but the toilet is on a mains feed to avoid this problem. The cistern is quite slow to fill and it hisses a bit but it is ok.