New Home Brief - April 29th 2001

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I’ve taken this article … 725928.asp
From the Sunday Business Post, April 29th 2001 to build up a picture of asking prices then and now.

Inflation calculator used -


£250,000 is E317,434.52, with inflation it’s approximately E429,000K

Nothing for sale in Longwood itself.
In and around Drogheda on five bed properties -
The cheapest 5 bed in Drogheda is on at E280,000, however that is a three bed with an attic conversion.
The closest comparable sounding property seems to be at E350K
There are several others under the E430K mark and then many that are just clearly nuts.


£285,000, E361,875, E489,000 with inflation.
£400,000, E507,895, E686,000 with inflation shows 4 houses in Delgany wood currently on sale.

E450K for 102sqm
E535K for 122sqm
E495K for 100sqm

and the final a group of properties in a new part of the development:
1 x 2 bed mid terrace - €350,000
3 x 3 bed end terrace - FROM €395,000 - all reserved - register on cancellation list
3 x 3 bed semi-detached - FROM €425,000


Weirdly I can’t find any reference to this development in for sale sites.

£172,000 - E218,395, or E295K with inflation
£177,500 - E225,378.50 or E304.5K with inflation
£192,000 - E243,789.71 or E329K with inflation Two beds in Blanchardstown start at E149K with the highest priced at E275K Three beds in Blanchardstown start at E170K with the highest semi-d priced at E395K
(there are two further detached houses with are at crazy money)

**Dun Laoghaire **

£198K - E251K or E339.6K with inflation
£270K - E343K or E463K with inflation

There are currently five properties for sale at Eaglewood, all of them 2 beds and all of them quoted as “region”

@E390K, no size given.
@E420k and 110sqm
@E450K and 80sqm
@E455k and 80sqm

Is the rate of inflation used not partly based on house prices?This makes for a circular comparison in adjusted house prices.

No, CPI includes mortgage repayments.