new hospital and surrounding Res Prop prices?

What will the new childrens hospital location mean for surrounding property prices???

Pretty much the same as what happened in D7 when Grangegorman was rolled out for the first of many many drum rolls …


I think Grangegorman is still a pipe dream, the hospital is much more likely to be built? Much more politically necessary.

Basin st flats property prices to rise ? Chuckle. One of the roughest places in Ireland.

Good letter in the IT today on the subject:

A plan for new children’s hospital
Sir, – Prof Richard Firth (November 6th) makes an interesting argument that the new children’s hospital should be located at the Mater in order to alleviate the “deprivation, decay, squalor, substance abuse and disease” apparent in the north inner city. As a local resident, I sadly cannot dispute Firth’s description.

However, one might ask has the professor ever walked the journey to St James’s, the environs of which endure similar difficulties? Both areas are already home to multiple hospitals in receipt of significant investment and enhancement in recent years, but the locality-enhancing value of these institutions is notable by its absence. Perhaps we could look for more encouraging examples of social uplift around other hospitals – Crumlin, Tallaght or Blanchardstown maybe? In fact all five areas continue to be disproportionately represented in media reports of crime and social deprivation.

I’ll leave it to others to list the obvious reasons why an uplift does not occur in these hospital neighbourhoods. The choice of St James’s for the new hospital might well turn out to be a lucky escape for the north side. – Yours, etc,

Shamrock Street,
Phibsboro, Dublin 7.

Does the pig make the sty, or the sty the pig?

Maybe 20 years ago. Get with the times.

I’d say cannies with BTLs in Herberton are mighty relieved. It’s a slow process but even people who don’t work in the hospital will consider living there just by increased awareness of the area.
It’s not that bad in many parts, and convenient for town

Kilmainham is an ok area, though the walk past Thomas street towards the hospital is grim…

The overall country is going down faster than any one area can come up.

If D8 did not become a beacon of hope in the bubble - it has no chance now - capital investment or not. All the doctors are not going to suddenly relocate to a 2 up, 2 down or 55sqm apartment.

Of course doctors won’t, not but nurses and support staff (ESP foreign ones) are different

…and the point remains we already have a hospital in the area stuffed full of nurses and support staff (ESP foreign ones) and the area is, by most international standards, still a sh!thole.

The point of the above IT letter (if I understand it correctly) is that in many of our hosptial locations (which have been healthcare areas for generations) are socailly deprived and remain socially deprived notwithstanding the huge budgets and staff associated with the hospital (Crumlin had its Tigger moment but is reverting to doorstep shootings form). Good luck to the cannies jumping on this bandwagon.

Afraid Duisigh is spot on, most recent incident:

AN INNOCENT couple cheated death after evil gangsters fired FOUR shots at their car.

Read more: … z2BXLAjeHp

I won’t argue about Basin Street. I had a pretty bad experience there myself. However, it’s one of a small number of rough spots in an incredibly diverse area, and it’s disingenuous - indeed plain wrong - to tar the entire locality with the same brush.

Just how big is the area? … 'cos I wouldn’t live within two miles of a place with armed drug gangs on the street.

The comments were specific to Basin St. Not the entire locality.

Me neither. That’s why it’s so hard to find anywhere to live in Dublin.

I live less than a mile from James’ hospital, in D8. I am very keenly aware of the “environs” on all sides of D8 and am looking for a nice place to buy( in D8, if I can find a nice gaff ) . I am “with the times”, as you put it.

Basin St flats are a very dangerous place and it is appalling to watch tourists take the wrong turn out of the Hop Store and wander into that shithole.

but but - the next street over is fine ?
XD BD 8DD XX :sick:

When doing some historical overlays of plans of James’ hospital the names of some of the adjoining lane ways left nothing to the imagination. There was a ‘murder lane’ afaicr among others! These institutions grew out of workhouses etc and so the areas weren’t the best to start with, I guess the magic dust didn’t sprinkle around there.