new lawn advice

hi …any advice for a new lawn I’m not a gardener or expecting perfection, just something that looks decent.

Here’s what I’ve done (I did take advice on both of these)

  1. Seed down
  2. Fertilizer down

Plan to
3. Avoid walking on it
4. Water (esp during dry spells)
5. Cut regularly

My Question
Early days …but as many weeds showing up as grass and the grass is growing in patches rather than uniform (I expected this)

…Any advice? …should I pull the weeds , apply weed killer …or just except it? (again not expecting perfection)
Anything else …besides above I should be doing?

Weeds are to be expected until the grass becomes dominant, broad-leaf weeds can be particularly troublesome. If/when the turf becomes thick enough it will keep the weeds down.

I use this 4in1 every year, at the start of the year, and maybe a light top up in sept/oct before the end of the growing season. … in1-352719

Weeds grow like…well …weeds, until mid summer, then most of them weaken, but the grass will continue to grow until there is frost.

It takes time, perhaps a full year, for the grass to really become dominant.

thanks …again sorry for basic questions …but how long after laying seed is it ok to walk on?

Keep throwing down seed till the “bald patches” fill in. If you get the untreated, basic grass seed from a nursery, it shouldn’t be too expensive - I got a sack of seed for 20 quid in the winter and filled in the blank spots as I went along. If you can, leave the weeds, they are often the only food source for bees in early spring, and so worth having imo - particularly if you’re ok with a lawn that doesn’t look like a bowling green. See if you can pop down some clover too - it’ll fill in more of those bald patches and fix nitrogen in the soil, making it more fertile. The flowers smell nice too. Native seed will do best. I try not to walk in newly seeded areas at all until the new grass is at the level of the existing lawn, but it’s not a disaster if it gets trodden on! Can I recommend to you the RHS website? It’s brilliant, and my go-to for advice on gardening.

Thanks for insight and follow on link

I am all for flowers in the garden, but not broad leaf weeds, they are unsightly and can hinder the grass.

If you want to encourage wild life, bees ladybugs and the like, get a wild-flour seed ball( sometimes called seed bombs) and put them in the borders, or any awkward corners, you can even put them in flower pots. Then get an insect motel from amazon or ebay, and enjoys some very happy bees.

Depends on the weeds. IMO, a lawn looks better with daisies than without.
Clover is certainly useful for nitrogen fixing, but works best if you can dig it in as a green manure and I suppose you don’t want to be ploughhing up and re-laying your lawn each year. :laughing:

Clover will completely take over the lawn and crowd out the grass - as it doesn’t grow very high, it’s difficult to mow to a uniform height. It depends what end result you want but if you’re looking for golf course/bowling green type standard, clover is a problem. If you just want green stuff covering up the soil, it’s fine.

Do you mean just throw seed on the ground and leave it? Or rake in the seed and mostly cover?
Also would any garden centre have that type of seed? Or is it some specialist nurseries your referring to.

I’m always buying grass seed from Woodies and it’s not cheap. I had a lot of digging and sowing to do this spring as builders had the garden dug up. It’s mostly grown back but there are some patches in the areas I’ve seeded that don’t have grass yet

I am in process of sorting out a lawn … the previous owners never cared for the lawn and it has resulted in about 1900sqm of wild grass, deep moss, thatch and weeds.

cutting it has become almost impossible with the layers of thatch and moss. So I had to do something … I got someone in to scarify the moss and thatch out, cut it to the bone … spray and feed the lawn. … when all that was said and done … the guy asked me about how often I cut the grass and like anyone who works full time living in ireland you have the lottery of weekend weather and rushing home in the evening to get it cut.

He more or less told me that unless I was cutting two / three times per week it would never look like a lawn. I can’t commit to doing this so have gone down the automower route. it’s the same cost as a new ride on and if it does what it says on the tin I should be happy. Its a couple of weeks doing its thing and after sorting out a few minor niggles seems to be living up to expectation.

Hey FreeFallin. I got the bag of grass seed I mentioned from a nursery that is open to the public, not specialist. Got untreated standard number 2 grass seed. Scarified the areas initially but after that just scattered it in bare areas mixed with a little bit of potting compost. I kept back some thorny branches from pruning in winter and placed them over the seeded areas - stopped me from accidentally walking the seeded areas, stopped the cat from digging there and the birds from eating the seed (they’re more interested in the cat’s food anyway!).

:slight_smile: sounds way too much like work :slight_smile: I leave the cuttings on the grass after mowing, so the clover cuttings work as green manure that way. I love the look and smell of flowers in the lawn. All a matter of personal preference though!

Sorry to hijack this thread but I am wondering if anyone has experience with a roll out lawn and if the ease and speed justifies the cost?


when do you start cutting the lawn …grass and weeds that’s there is just long enough for cutting now and I still have bare patches …so you just cut what’s there?

Cutting your lawn often will help to thicken it up, encourages the fastest growing plant (grass) which will eventually dominate, although there are a few tough weeds such as dandelions, daisies or buttercup that you shouldn’t let get established (spray or dig out). As others have said previously, rake a sprinkling of grass seed into any bare spots, chuck some water on in the dry spells and you should be fine by the end of the summer. Also apply some nitrogen-rich fertiliser if still looking anemic after a few more weeks.

The dry spring we have had to date probably didn’t help your lawn get established.

Aha! So those are the fuckers that destroyed my tiny lawn (along with my once a month cutting). I’ll exterminate on my impending week off. I suspect there’ll be f all left in that patch but so be it.

Glancing over the back wall my neighbours did it two summers ago around August time, about 30 SqM and it still looks class- although no children play on it, it’s purely ornamental and was done by a horticulturalist- I saw the rolls were very cheap in homebase last week and was tempted but never got round to it, I doubt it’s as easy as the professionals made it look.

I decided to go the rolled grass (60-70 sqm) option about year and half ago . Previous owners had cobble locked the entire back garden. It was september by the time i had got this out and was ready to lay the lawn , so not enough time for the seed to establish. Ordered a tonne bag of quality top soil , leveled this on top of existing soil and simply rolled the stuff out. It was really easy ,but you want the rolls to be fresh and be ready to start laying as the grass will perish rolled up fairly quickly.
It’s done really well , have only fed it once. I cut it 3 times a week but have a dog and 2 kids so it gets a fair bit of wear. See image and good luck.

Plan first cut this weekend …should I dig up the weeds before or after the cut , does it matter?

If you are going to do a first cut of your new lawn this weekend—

Make sure the grass is dry.
Make sure the blades of the mower are sharp
Set the blade at a height of 2 inches or 5 cm
If you lawn is small enough try cutting if with hand shears
Try to pull the weeds out first , you could try using an old eating fork to get the full root out of the soil.
Dont put any fertiliser on the new lawn until at least 3 days after you cut it.( and if you apply it wait a further 3 days to cut it again.
10 days or so after the first cut - cut again and from then on get the grass used to being cut every 4 days or so as that will help to thicken up the sward.