New Members. How did you hear of the Pin?

In particular has anyone read about the Pin in newspapers or heard about it on the radio etc.

Jane Suiter have the Pin a plug in today’s Sindo.

It was very odd the cuff: “the guys at the …” like everyone would know who she was refering to.

This place is well over the parapet now, witness some more curious contributions from new posters.

I work for the Special Investigations Section of the Garda Intelligence Unit in Harcourt St, and I was asked by my boss to infiltrate this group of internet doom mongers and find out what the fuck is wrong with them.

Oops, I’ve said too much. 8)

I know this is probably not the answer you’re looking for, but also

There was a lot of talk there around the closing of the AAM thread, and anytime someone posted something ultra-bearish they were quietly taken aside and told about the secret society of thepropertypin.

However, I only joined this site when the housing bubble bursting thread died a death.

p45 i think.

AAM, joined when they banned the discussion of house prices.

Think it was AAM. Read with interest for a long time before registering.

Same here.


Daft discussions board.

Ps thanks Fadalease. :mrgreen:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: back in the day.

Got locked out of my previous identity though, so re-registered.

did a search on wikipedia for ‘irish property’ and the property pin was referenced.

Stumbled across it accidentally last June while researching Irish property prices. Had never heard of it before.

followed the aam thread from the start and then
from when that got canned

only read here but in the information has been superb

I followed the thread on AAM around May 2006 with great interest and moved over to the Pin when it was set up later that year but I had to re-register this year after being made redundant. I was always more of a reader than a contributor and always advised family, friends and work colleagues to log on ( especially those who were thinking of joining the great pyramid.


From posts during dying days of forum on irishpropertynews

Never even knew they had a forum.