New Minister for Children - Shortest Ministerial career in history or the "new normal"?


Alright, I have read anecdotal chatter of a clean up operation in play, despite the cat being out of the bag. Incredible, but not surprising.


Agreed. Really disturbing.


This thread has not be cleaned yet.

Peter quotes himself as saying sex with children was “impossible to condone”

But as many have pointed out the original statement was sex with children “may be impossible to condone”.

Selective editing, sneaky bollix.


Touch of the Black and Tans to this as its gaining legs across social media.

Apparently the new Minister has changed his name on Facebook due to the anount of abuse hes been getting but has yet to address the matter.

Gript have also run with it now so its edging closer to mainstream media consciousness.


How do you clean up a thread, a reply to a tweet can’t by hidden by the author of the original tweet, or can it?


A user can delete historical tweets or if you are one of the anointed Twitter will probably protect you.


A poster on has posted images that appear to show Minster for Children Roderic O’Gorman has for some reason changed his FB profile name to Roger O’Connor.

Meanwhile… :whistle:


You would think someone in politics would have a thicker skin.
The woke generation, everyone welcome except those who disagree and they shall be silenced.
We really are going down the rabbit hole. Time to rewind globalism.


This doesnt appear to be going away.

Hes in a bit of a bind. The longer he hides the worse it looks. But if he addresses it publicly it goes mainstream. As Minister for Children its all a very bad look.


The various threads on


Chu says he’s being bullied. So it must be true. :icon_rolleyes:

Rebecca Moynihan comes out to bat for the Rod.


So far we have two elected officials taking action which acknowledges the need to address the controversy but in doing so are attempting to paint the Minister as the “victim” and trying to obfuscate the actual issues of controversy, while there is still nothing from the Minister as of yet.

Nor is there anything from the Green Leadership yet.

Or an Taoiseach.

Eventually someone will have to move to limit the political fallout.


I’m surprised Jimmy Saville wasn’t a green party member at this point, nothing would surprise and to think these people want your money, your borders, your words, basically want to control you entire productive and reproductive life on the planet.

Lots of links in here:

German Greens admit Paedo Link, Irish Gay Greens support O’Gorman & Australian Green supports Necrophilia

The rules (which should not surprise anyone), appear to be at this point, i.e. the rules of the “new normal”, appear to be as follows:

If you are Gay or LGBTxyz or whatever, then you are immune from any public scrutiny and ensuing criticism and it represents a phobia, a hate crime and general bullying, you might say the anointed one are infallible especially once they have assumed public office.



I’m sure some can think of alternative headlines but the idea of the Gardai policing the inalienable right of freedom of expression when they have a lot of skeletons in their own closet, oh, oh err hmm, sorry, excuse me, I don’t know what I was thinking, saying… I guess that makes perfect sense. Sorry silly me, what a stellar idea chums!


FF member calls for the new Minsters resignation here.

No idea who he is and hes not a TD but the issue is clearly gaining traction.

This is one for the wider Greens rather than simply the new Minister. Tatchell is a member in the UK and he was in Dublin at the partys invitation.

The Greens probably need to cut Tatchell loose at this stage.


They (Chu, O’Gorman, Moynihan in Labour) can’t condemn Tatchell because Tatchell is a Saint to them. And Sex is their God.

Tatchell represents pushing the boundaries of sexual conduct & putting up with torment from anyone with sense (or as they label them The Far Right).

The Greens really are a total shower of cnuts


“If it Quacks like a Duck”

The Minister for Childrens “map porn” and “irish cucumber” tweets may have been too ambiguous for most, but the latest unearthed tweet clearly shows a pattern:

Src: (Pending link)

Fool me once… you get the benefit of the doubt, this is at least hit #4, nah.

If anyone is wondering why a tweet with the phrase “map porn” might be controversial coming from a Minster for Children, then feel free to read this post from FEB 2019, below is a snippet:

"… the normalisation of pedophiliia, leveraged using the concept of children having consent equivalent to adults in sexual relations. Bodily autonomy.

Go search for the new re-branding of pedophila as an orientation - MAPS… MAP stands for Minor Attracted Person"


All that shows is he is the typical sex obsessed early-middle aged queer. With 20 years degeneracy in his logbook. Which I believe should bar him for any public office.

It’s not as weird or linked to his refusal to disassociate from Thatchell.


John Connors “…they’re branding people far-right for being anti-pedophilia…”

Full upload here sorry! A message going out to Roderic O ’ Gorman and


He must resign. This is the biggest scandal of the year. Complete silence from the media so it’s upto the Irish people to stand up and fight for our children. #childrenslivesmatter

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Fascinating to watch the “Reframing” story in todays Sunday Times as part of the media story management. Not quite sure if the journalist, Julieanne Corr, is just a useful idiot, or an active part of the cover up. Based on her CV looks more like an inexperienced useful idiot. The story about O Gorman had zero about the connection with Tatchell and his sexual predator agenda, which is the actual story, and was all about some photo posted of him kissing another guy. The classic story misstatement and distraction technique.

Some people are putting a huge effort into trying to bury this story.