New Minister for Children - Shortest Ministerial career in history or the "new normal"?


The initial reporting of the Thatchell/O’Gorman was obvious bait, but the fact O’Gorman hasnt replied with an easy disavowal/distancing of Thatchell gets weirder by the day. Instead the political class are running cover with “trolling, bullying” and “far right” stuff.

It really shows the difference when you have an compliant media caste, imagine this was the UK or the USA, they would hound him until he answered, here, they actively run cover for him. The job of a journo is to hold power to account, not be pals with the c*nts.


The topic broadens out as the dig continues.

Here are some highlights from the Conference including videos and accompanying references:

Elly Barnes recommends bypassing normal procedure, urging teachers not to inform parents of the proposed new Relationships & Sexuality Education.

Elly Barnes tells the teachers to show no fear when embarking on this new sex education.

Elly Barnes ’ recommendations are echoed by her Educate & Celebrate Patron and colleague, Peter Tatchell , where he dismisses the role of parental consent in Relationships and Sexuality Education in schools. In fact, in 2018 Peter Tatchell advised Irish politicians and Irish LGBT activists to make it very inconvenient for parents to use the Opt Out clause for the Relationships & Sexuality Education.

Elly Barnes talks about how teachers “do need to eradicate all the heteronormativity that happens in our schools”.

This two day conference presided over by the then INTO President Feargal Brougham, Vice President Mary Magner and INTO General Secretary John Boyle, consisted of exhibitions, lectures and workshops. Workshops were delivered by Elly Barnes on ‘Integrating LGBT+ into your classroom pedagogy’, and by ShoutOut’s Executive Director Bella Fitzpatrick on ‘The ABC of LGBT+’. ShoutOut delivers LGBTQ+ talks to secondary schools all across Ireland. Elly Barnes’ organisation Educate & Celebrate has the goal of embedding gender identity and sexual orientation into the fabric of schools, offering guidance for nursery, primary and secondary teachers. Educate & Celebrate have intimated a goal to ‘smash heteronormativity with intersectionality’

The tweet by Educate & Celebrate about heteronormativity would seem to > mirror the Educate & Celebrate patron Peter Tatchell who spoke about the “demise of straight supremacy” when receiving the James Joyce Award in University College Dublin. (Peter Tatchell describes his vision for the future — one where the majority is bisexual).

Throughout her speech, Elly Barnes’ language alternates between “your children”, “our young people”, “our kids” when referring to the school children and when referencing resistance from parents says, “you parent need to go away and address your own levels of homophobia, bi-phobia and transphobia”.

Elly Barnes directs teachers to make a pledge about what they are going to do when the children go back to school.

During the conference a scrolling presentation appeared with some various pledges (Source)(Video):
Introduce LGBT+ books to our school library; Use gender neutral terminology; Adapt my language; Display poster; Become Mx; Ban boy girl words; Sing ‘It’s A Penguins Life’ at assembly.

The then INTO President Feargal Brougham says that he will implement Elly Barnes’ recommendations.

Feargal Brougham reports to the assembled teachers that the usage of the INTO LGBT+ Teachers’ Group poster (see below) has been a great success.

Various INTO conference speakers modelled to the teachers in the audience the usage of pronouns in their introductions.



Target Marketing? :whistle:



That is creepy af, normal people are concerned about their children learning to read, write and socialise. These people are concerned about childrens “sexuality” and “early childhood masturbation”.

The Irish education system, handed from one set of groomers to another…


Rod statement plays the homophobia and right wing twitter accounts (witch-hunt) cards.


Lets see where this leads, a week later.


All you need to know is that O’Gorman is a lawyer.

So an outright lie.

Everyone and I mean everyone who knows the slightest bit about the Gay Liberation Movement over the last four or five decades not only knows who Tatchell is but know what he stands for. Tatchell has been the highest profile gay politics activist since the late 1970’s in the UK FFS. Front page news since 1978.

Given O’Gorman handling of this situation so far if he was not part of the Twink scene he would have played his political hand very differently.

So now I would start suspecting why he chose a career where he would be in daily contact in a position of authority with a potentially large group of usually immature teenage males. Lots of other more lucrative careers available for someone with his qualifications and obvious political ambitions. So an odd choice of career. Teaching in DCU.



Full court press by the political class, obviously lots of brainstorming over the weekend. I love the Irish times editorialising of Thatchells comments to “children under the age of 13”, not the original which was something along the lines of “children of 9 and 13”

Interesting, given Irelands Libel laws, and Thatchell claiming he was misquoted, will he sue the IT, or the myriad of Twitter users repeating the libelous “misquote”?


The comments under the Irish Times article are quite something.

The larger issue here is that Tatchell is a member of the Green Party. Are they going to disavow him and his views?

And if not, are Fine Gael, and particularly Fianna Fail, going to stand by the coalition?


What I find deeply disturbing is the toxic thinking and language used by certain posters on this thread.


Look at who write the IT article.

A fully paid up member of the Woke Class

I find this link interesting…

One of the guys who thinks all criminals are victims by the sound of it. Has not worked out that locking up criminals reduces crime and releasing them increases crime. These people never give a fuck about the victims of crime but really really like criminals for some reason.

So the I.T journalist is a full paid up member of the Woke Propaganda Class.


Now changed.


Next step in the playbook is for RTE to swing into action. To tell the plain people of Ireland that ‘Nazis oppose the guy who is starstruck at the paedophilia can be enriching & lowering the age of consent guy’


Technically she’s woke Royalty, as she’s Andy’s offspring.


Nicely caught.


Even more interesting is the RTE / gaeilgeoir connection. So we have a perfect score for a hereditary member of the Irish media ruling class. Which is really impressive, even for the IT.


RTE Gaeilgeoir usually meant Workers Party which really isn’t much of a leap from Andy’s life goals.

But Kitty Holland has been doing heriditary media wokeness for 25 years, so Sorcha is Pepsi Woke.


Well we could wait around a while for Pop to eat itself. Can you dig it


The fire appears to have been temporarily put out but I can foresee O’Gorman getting thrown to the wolves by the rainbow nexus at some point in the future, most likely because he’s in charge of ending direct provision-their new favourite hobby horse. There are still legitimate questions about his character and suitability for ministerial office, and as the impossibility of ending DP within the lifetime of this Dáil becomes obvious, he and his baggage will get the blame. It is noteworthy that Ruth Coppinger, who lost out to a combination of O’Gorman and SF in the election and who only last week was tweeting her solidarity with the LGBTQ…, hasn’t said a word-you’d almost think all this was good for her somehow.