New Minister for Children - Shortest Ministerial career in history or the "new normal"?


On that point, sure, if letting the the building burn to the ground with the fire brigade turning up a week later to claim the building was the victim and the building is structurally sound, and perfectly fit for habitation. I guess you might say that, I guess. :man_shrugging:


Independent & Irish Times have disappeared it off their websites.

It’s Section 31 stuff


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Speaking of hits, Connors video on this tweet alone is now a few clicks shy of 80k views.


Who ?

His books have been memory holed (more or less), now I really want to read them

Anyone who fails to lick the boots of our masters will get the same, it works because most people never even notice

Interesting fact about EMJ, he lives on the same street as future US president Pete Buttigieg


The travellers were always going to be the first to break ranks from the woke collective-being marginalised outside an increasingly warped society does at least give them the advantage of greater immunity against the extremes of that society’s thinking. They also have nonconformity bred into them and perhaps can recognise that the new progressives’ demands for hyper-conformity and control over things like speech and childcare could make things even worse for them.
John Connors already went off-message on abortion and, while never confronted aggressively about his stance, was definitely less in favour afterwards.


John Connors will save us from the Gay Terminators

But seriously this is a good crisis so far

  • confirms MSM censorship
  • confirms evasive untrue statement from O’Gorman (he knew full well Tatchell’s background)
  • confirms Traveller will turn on Liberal allies
  • confirms pavee point are bought and paid for by contrast
  • confirms Gays retreat into mixing themselves up with paedophilia vs Homophobia arguments
  • confirms O’Gorman thinks all people who oppose him are Nazis (“far right pile on”)
  • confirms “the mainstream right” exists only as a vaguely pro-business anti poor people movement. They have indistinguishable moral views from Greens & Labour & SF. Therefore anyone to the right of Eamon Ryan morally is now “Far Right”. By this bonkers definition Ireland has a huge “Far Right”


I was trying to remember exactly where I first read the approx 60% number for the percentage of those who abused under-age boys who were gay. It was a long time ago and it would have been a reference book but it really struck a chord at the time because it matched what I had seen and heard over the years. Especially among runaways I had known. When they were older.

Rapes are pretty much a given for most runaway girls at some stage or other but it was also very common for the runaway boys too. According to the stories I heard almost always by older gay males. Who nearly always tried to treat it as a prostitution situation. Although not overtly at first. None of the kids raped or maneuvered into prostitution were gay. This was a very common back story when you saw a runaway kid who was doing serious amounts of drugs. Usually this kind of abuse. Most only survived a few years before killing themselves.

It seems a UK charity set up by sexual abuse victims has done a pretty good survey of the relevant literature. Which when you add to large under-reporting of teenage boy sexual abuse with the numbers quoted in the literature would get you to around 60%.

This is the guy who set up the UK self help group for sexual abused kids.

Their fairly comprehensive survey of the relevant literature.

Thats what the Twink scene is really about.

And that’s why I think O’Gorman is a lying scumbag. Total bullshit merchant. There are lots of gay sub-culture scenes but he sure sounds like he is doing his best to hide which one he gravitates towards. Because that’s how it looks to me by this stage. If he was part of one of the more main stream gay scenes I think he would have handled the situation very differently.

There again, he could be just a complete fucking idiot. After all, he is a senior member of the Green Party. A party whose first, middle and end name is the Completely Fucking Stupid Party.


Why? Why should a hormone riddled dope of a 16 year old, or younger, be allowed the change their gender? This will enrage lots of people, they will be branded as Transphobic for speaking against it.


I’m transphobic then.



In case they disappear more:


John Waters flagged this agenda one maybe two years ago in podcast or youtube video at least once.

Sinn Fein: We’ll let your children take you to court to change their gender

Posted by John McGuirk | Feb 6, 2020 | Irish News

The link again:

All the parties and many others besides, infiltrated (for a long time).


Explain that one Peter.


Seen that image already, it looks very much like it is in part a digital creation (altered or created text).

However, that means nothing, it’s a technique well established to utilise such images where people hold up a card (blank or otherwise, Bob Dylan popularised this in his music film short for Subterranean Homesick Blues ) as a means of satire or political attack, be they one in the same or not, so the quote may be accurate.

It appears his association with PIE members is established by his own words and actions, once you go looking at Peter Tatchell’s past, present and proposed future, doubt begins to dissolve very quickly like a sugar cube in water as to what is going on, so there is no sugar coating it when it comes to Tatchell.


Here are some statistics to remember during all this.

Around one percent of the adult population are gay males.
Around half of one per cent of the adult population are gay females.

Physical hermaphrodites are about one in two thousand of the population.
Transsexuals are maybe one in four hundred of the population.
Transsexuals are not hermaphrodites
Transsexuals are not transvestites.

Every single tranny I have met in the last four decades was seriously mentally ill / borderline psychotic. It is a serious mental illness and should be treated as such. They have an exceptionally high institutionalization / suicide rate. I would put them in the same category as serious paranoid schizophrenics and severe bipolars. They need psychiatric treatment not fatuous validation for their mental illness.

I have not the slightest problem with politicians who happen to be gay. Would vote for them without this being a factor in any way. But gay politicians, politicians who make a big deal about their sexual orientation and in push the Gay Lib Agenda, have been in my experience always been utterly mendacious in how they completely sanitize for public consumption their actually political agendas. Which most of the public would find utterly repugnant if they were really aware of what it really was.

Its all spelled out in black and white if you care to read the relevant Gay Lib literature and learn what the weasel words people like Peter Tatchell etc use in their public literature for general consumption, The older literature, when they had less need to obfuscate on key subjects, was usually quite up front on what their real aims were. It was only in the 1990’s they started getting more circumspect as their political influence went mainstream.

The more you know about the history, political literature, and have direct experience with members of this sub-culture the easier it is to see through the very deliberate bullshitting by O’Gorman and his apologists. In my mind his actions are just confirming the worst suspicions people might have about his motivations and background. Playing the victim card for me was the final confirmation of his real motivations. Those of you unlucky enough to have dealt with abusers / predators will know exactly what I mean.


When did it become socially acceptable to concern yourself with childrens “sexuality”. Its outrageous that there has not been more pushback on this. There are a lot of very unsavoury people from the UK, with questionable links, or in Thatchells case, an outright degenerate who befriends paedophiles(see Ian Dunn), trying to effect change in the Irish primary education system.

Its an obvious question, why would people who have no other interest in education, whose whole existence is bound up in their sexuality, have a massive interest in early childhood sexual education.

It should be an automatic disqualifier for working with pre pubescent children if your first thoughts are of their sexual development and how you can “help”.

Humans have evolved and prospered without any early childhood sexual development “experts” over the last 1.3 odd million years, why would we need them now.


Continuity infiltration continuity.

Revealed: The “expert advice” behind the decision to let kids change gender

Posted by John McGuirk | Jul 7, 2020

Children’s Minister Roderic O’Gorman is introducing a law to make it easier for children to change their genders – based on the recommendations of a review group Chaired by a Trans rights activist that did not have one single medical expert on it.

Up until now, if a ten year old wanted to change their gender, they had to wait until they were 16, and go through a psychiatric evaluation to make sure that they were changing their gender with a full awareness (or as much full awareness as a 16 year old can have) of the long-term consequences for themselves.

No longer, says the Minister:

“The new Children’s Minister Roderic O’Gorman says children under 16 should be able to change their gender with the consent of their parents or guardians and GP.

Laws to make it easier for 16 and 17-year-olds to legally change their gender will be introduced by the new coalition under a commitment in the Programme for Government. The document also commits to examining the arrangements for children under 16 who may want to change gender.

Mr O’Gorman said a review group had carried out work on the Gender Recognition Act.

“They brought forward proposals for children under 16. Right now, if they want to initiate a gender change, they have to get kind of high-level medical consultants to actually sign off on that. Whereas the recommendation is to make that easier to allow a GP basically to sign off to say yes.”

He said he supported implementing the review group findings, adding: “ In an area like this, you should be led by expert advice.”

Two things here: First, this isn’t a new policy introduced by Minister O’Gorman. The policy was actually developed by Minister Regina Doherty, but the last Government did not have time, mercifully, to get it passed through.

Read more here:


Cowen. Cowen should resign for being over the limit. Think of the Children he could have harmed. That the real issue people.