New Minister for Children - Shortest Ministerial career in history or the "new normal"?




With respect to “Masks” and “Torture”


Yis got Barry, now let me get on with my/your job/Children.


Basically a press release from Roderic that the messengers in The Journal were only to happy to run.
And comments closed of course!


The Journal have lost all objectivity, they run opinion pieces as News, decry everything they disagree with as Right Wing or Far Right Populism fully ignoring their own brand of Left Wing populism… Comments sections are curated to ensure it is not overly critical of the article and they regularly close comments on articles they know readers will disagree with.

The journalists they employ are all quite young, I’ve no major issue with that, but they are very liberal writers who have been indoctrinated into the current liberal narrative. This narrative can even be seen in the sports section too. Media is meant to be unbiased - or at least try and pretend to be unbiased, they are not even doing that.

If the Greens don’t deliver on the left wing parts of the program for government quite quickly, you can see turning on them and devouring them.


The Journal wouldn’t devour a cupcake!
And they’ll never turn on The Green party. Maybe a subsection within it (The old guard in Govt) but never on the Green’s as a whole



True, they won’t turn on the new breed of Woke young’uns as quick, but thy’ll turn on Eamon Ryan in a heart beat.

The greens are banging a drum about ending DP, there are 7,000 people in DP and TheJournal are loving this tune as they want DP ended, and I assume everyone gets to stay and gets a free gaff. TheJournal also want homelessness ended. What happens in 2 time years when neither of these issues have been resolved by the greens?


I think a quick review is in order - as it looks like we get both outcomes, who could have foreseen this?

Barry Cowen gone

  • Shortest ministerial position in History?

Roderic O’Gorman remains

  • “New Normal” (protected asset)



I would like to think ROG`s days are still numbered.


Another man down but not the Minister For Children - Looks like John Connors has buckled for whatever reason - posts full retraction and apology for his criticism and activities surrounding the ongoing controversy.


Full statement and apology regarding recent event’s involving Minister Roderic O’Gorman.

Suggestions among other things that the twitter account was hacked in this thread here:


Matthew 4:8
This JC said, ‘Yes Satan, I want it!’

I think all the John Connors posts belong in the Burning Men thread.


Not a hack since the Minister for Children acknowledges and thanks John Connors for his apology on twitter and the media are in line ready to report it.

I very much appreciate the statement and email from @johnconnors1990
The matter between us is fully resolved as far as I’m concerned. Take care of yourself John.


Candidates for UK Green Party leader tie themselves in nots answering question, “what is a woman”.


What on earth has LGBT/woke/wingnut stuff got to do with a green agenda?
Should just rename themselves as the Official Monster Raving Loony Party and be done with it.


You must be a NAZI if you have to ask that question! :ninja:


Because the new Greens are just as concerned with social issues as they are with the planet.

Here, we have old Green Eamonn Ryan v’s new Green Catherine Martin for the leadership of the party. She has said she’s more concerned with social justice issues as you cannot have a healthy planet without solving them first.
Some of the Green members in Ireland who regularly get air time in the media are not far away from communism!


Not far???

The Greens are raving communists though some of them might not really know it, Eamonn Ryan on record stating the civil and public service is too small, not any particular part of it, just in general “It needs to be bigger, to meet the needs of the public”

Higher taxes: “On top of promoting a culture of reasonable pay for all, higher incomes should attract a higher rate of tax.”

I hope this isn’t a surprise to anyone here who voted for them last time around.

Not everything is lunacy, I am in favour of “Introduce a not-for-profit public banking model, along the lines of the Sparkassen banking system in Germany.” - if this was established pre celtic tiger we might have been able to tell Anglo to f*ck off.


Speaking of Germany and the Green Party, their nickname over there is Avocado - green on the outside but brown (ie Nazi, as in brownshirt) on the inside.

Just saying.


Ireland needs to wakeup or else it’s a daily serving of Avocado toast with a side of soylent green, with no end in sight.


Say away. Say away. Say away