New nationalist, anti-immigration party launches in Ireland

#1 … 2-Nov2016/

Not sure what sort of nationalists they are but they don’t like foreigners anyway. I presume this’ll be right up the street of a few Pinsters.


The PIRA (aka Sinn Fein) already have that particular demographic well covered. With FF taking the rest.

Very old news.


Merrion Hotel cancels launch of anti-immigration political party

The National Party says it stands against immigration, “dictatorial” EU and is anti-abortion … -1.2870264

Must have been cancelled by furrigners working in the hotel


Looks like another anti-abortion party.

I suppose the near-death of Renua has left a void.


So if you’re anti-abortion and anti-immigrant, where would you stand on aborting immigrant foetuses?

This calls for philosoraptor.


That it has to happen in a foreign place, same as the non-immigrant foetuses.


Again Mantissa…name these people who don’t like foreigners, want a racially pure USA! etc etc.
You’ve thrown this out a few times now.

But good to see being anti mass-immigration, anti abortion and anti EU makes you ‘extreme right wing’ … 20496.html
Democracy is alive and well in Ireland. One day we may have our own Trump/Brexit moment if this kind of censorship goes on


This is about Ireland, not the USA.
Any of the terrorism threads will give you lots of examples of people who are anti-immigration. Plus some outright racism, which of course is different.


Well that makes sense.


It is indeed. But nothing happens in isolation


He is a thoroughly unpleasant individual who fully deserves the description ‘extreme right wing’.


“Merrion Hotel cancels launch of anti-immigration political party” … -1.2870264




Hmmm that sounds familiar. I feel like I’ve heard that phrasing around here somewhere.



Anyway, can the hotel legally deny them their democratic right to launch a political party in their hotel? Does that mean that the hotel supports the policies of every politican they choose to serve in the hotel?
I am reminded of that case in a nearby jurisdiction in which some bakers refused to bake a cake for a homosexual couple because they didn’t support the message of homosexuality.


Perhaps in the hotels defense they may become aware that the group was seeking to incite hatred from their premises.


Maybe, and hate speech should not be tolerated, but there is nothing democratic about silencing people with whom we disagree.


We don’t know what material may have been used.

If there was material stating that all non-nationals should be deported then that was be inflammatory whereas if they had said they were in favour in less immigration then that wouldn’t be inflammatory.


Gardai should check their funding, smells like Putin to me


You haven’t a fookin clue, have you? Have you ever even been to Ireland?

Exhibit A
Exhibit B.