New report will show number of empty homes well above 300k

Yo Prof, “It’s the empties STOOPID”

What the fuck is going these days on with all these overpaid and evidently understimulated academics trying to Bate 2Packs numbers.

I stand over my forecasts. Let them explain why they were only available on the internet for the past two years :frowning:

Its called the Doubting Thomas syndrome, first they dont believe it then they have to have it proven to them then they have to count the properties and then they sit in silence wondering how someone was able to work out the amount of empties while not being privy to the info they are. Pricks

Mixing up me bible there (must go back to sunday school) shit I never went to sunday school.

Now that the Geographers in Maynooth did a study the UCD lot are replicating it.

It was perfectly clear that we were dealing with 300k empties in 2008 and none of the Geographers noticed, most NOTABLY the UCD lot who were all doing meaningless but lucrative government consultancy work no doubt :frowning:

Geographers were too busy collecting grants to study climate change … impact on the gooseberry harvest in 2080, stuff like that.