New rules may force 'firesale' of 70,000 houses

Surprise surprise! 8)

cant wait for country toms detailed reply on Monday

No doubt Parlon will just press the speed dial button to Cowen and hey presto a loop hole will appear.

I thought that there was no way to ACTUALLY get a BER , today, because some National Quango or another does not exist or else is stranded out in a prefab in Navan with 2 staff and an embargo on hiring any more.

Anyway !

This ‘story’ makes absolutely no sense, more lazy, shite journalism from the Indo.

Leaving aside the question of how many empty, newly built houses there are.

  • Any development since Jan 1st 2008 had to have an energy rating done on the plans so there are BER ratings available for all of these properties.

  • Authorized BER auditors will bang out a BER rating for €400-500 for a house, if a builder has 10 identical houses & does a deal it won’t cost more than €100 each, to provide a BER rating for all of these. Once the house has a BER Cert, there is nothing stopping a sale.

  • The journo seems to be making the massive assumption that a significant number of these empty houses would need to have their insulation upgraded before they would be sellable; this is horseshit. Just as always, the only thing stopping these houses being sold is a realistic asking price !

The point of the story is that it will be law to have a minimum standard of insulation for a new-house for sale by July 2009. The unsold new houses built last year will not meet this standard. Therefore they are not something? Eligible for sale? Eligible for sale as a new house?

Anyway, the story is not about BERs. It is about minimum insulation standards of newbuilt properties for sale.

I presume that the article is taking about the implementation of ‘Part L’ building regulations. If that is the case then they ought to have gone to the trouble of eithing reading the document, or talking to someone who has :smiley:

The full PDF is here, but I think the important section is here:

So there can only be a very, very, small group of houses that are effected. This is however for me one of the reasons why employment in construction didn’t collapse the way alot of pinsters expected. It was the requirement for “substantial work has been completed”.

Now that’s fair enough fishfoodie - if only the MSM were as diligent!

Happy new year all.
I think the point here is the exposure of the lie of the empties. (Nods to 2pack).
The funny part is;
“A spokesperson said he was surprised Mr O’Brien had not consulted them about his study, since CIF members built 95pc of all homes across the country.”

And there in lies the problem. No doubt Matt will have Tom on the show on Monday. Tom will say it’s all nonsense and ring up Finneran and say get Gormley off my back. We need a U-turn for the sake of the CIF um um I mean the country. … /pkey/653/

You forget to mention:

  • The journalist presumes that 30k houses will magically be sold due to "market conditions.