New Septic Tank and AA rules kill planning off

First quarter planning permissions slump 61%
Friday, 25 June 2010 11:48

Less than 2000 one offs were granted permission. An Taisce probably appealed the lot to An Bord Pleanála :frowning:

The latest green racket is to force a potential builder of a one off to hire a Green Consultant type to do an “Appropriate Assessment” study before the planning is submitted. This scam costs €1500 on top of the complex septic tank rules and even then An Taisce objects to the lot of them. If I wanted to build a 401 sq ft extension onto my house with no running water I now need to spend €1500 on the poxy AA report because I live well within 15km of a SAC in a rural area.

I would think that the new rules will reduce planning permissions for one offs to the low 1000’s from now on and many will be on brownfield sites or refurbs. It is game over for rural areas and small sewerless villages thanks to the Greens.

I told ya so

and such a pity with the advent of working from home via broadband for so many different types of workers


The investigation of planning announced this week by Gormley is designed to ensure that

  1. If you live in a village with a local area plan an appropriate assessment will be carried out for the area…so you don’t have to do one but no one off will be permitted in a local area plan, only higher densities.
  2. If you live anywhere outside a local area plan ( ie rural) you will have to have an appropriate assessment study carried out per house if within 15km of an SPA or a SAC. If you are more than 15km form a SAC or an SPA Gormley got you anyway if you are upstream of a SAC or SPA.
  3. Every river month ( Shannon / Boyne Corrib / Slaney / Moy) is a SAC or an SPA and therefore everybody in a rural area more or less lives upstream of a SAC or SPA and will have to have an Appropriate Assessment from now on.
  4. Even then Gormley will bankroll An Taisce to object and appeal to An Bord Pleanála on his behalf if a council has the temerity to grant permission for a one off.
  5. Finally, the Water Framework Directive becomes law next week and with that many of you will have to undergo Mandatory Septic Tank Desludging every 6 months to 1 year as well as accept universal Water Metering…even if the water is undrinkable and the greens know it.

That is what Smart and Green means in rural and small town Ireland from now on…OH! and a property tax next year as well as MORE carbon tax.

And we don’t have much by way of broadband out here BJ, no UPC cable :frowning:

it gets worse

But we knew this would happen … no surprises at all really if you’ve been paying ANY attention to Green policies or some of 2Packs posts.

They are going to force families into living in small semi-detached houses of about 1000 sq foot with no room for a kid’s playroom; no room to store sports equipment; no room for musical instruments; no room for proper wardbrobes, hardly any room for storing books and no room for a dog.

The consequences of a future generation of kids being raised in such squalid conditions means we may end up with more semi-feral street kids; sales of Ritalin will increase enormously; we’ll have a nation full of tin-whistle players; people will have to abandon the practice of wearing a warm winter-coat as it takes up too much storage room in the house; dogs will be increasingly neglected, lonely and depressed by virtue of their banishment outside of the house and therefore their pack; we’ll become a nation of semi-literates. The new village-estates will become noisy with the sounds of kids everywhere during the day (after school-hours) and dogs howling at night…

OK, I exaggerate, but there will certainly be enormous problems in relation to quality of life if there are no more family-sized homes being built. And by family home, I’m talking 2500 square foot at least.

There are shedloads of empty ghost estates for what you want there DG ?

Knock 2 semis into one and you’ll be grand in a lot of cases :slight_smile:

I’ve eyed several semis up with a view to doing same, but it generally proves impractical to the extreme, if at all possible. The knocking of walls usually means one ends up with inadequate room for kitchen units.

Not to mention the fact that a lot of these semis’ back gardens are tiny and suffer from an oppressive amount of over-looking (I don’t mind over-looking in my back garden but I’d like 40 feet to my back wall at least to avoid excessive over-looking into neighbour’s kitchen sink mess).

I think the fact the economy is in the toilet is more reason than the septic tank.

Monaghan County Planning applications:

2007 - Total 2450
To date in 2010 - Total 242

That in mind, we just need some budding canny to submit 2208 applications by the end of the year and we’re laughin’

This is the governments usual solution.

People drinking at home and the vintners complain.
Solution: Close off licences at 10.

Loads of unsold ghost estates and nobody buying as most sane people who live in the middle of nowhere would rather not share a wall with another familly.

Solution: Ban one off housing and push it as an enviornmental issue.

Maybe have a look at RTE Player and find Room To Improve, while the program and designs are maybe a little repetitive the architect/presenter is good at what he does.

The last episode was knocking two semis into one, the couple had a tight budget, and the banks were reluctant to fund it as they reckoned the 2-semis were more valuable than one unusual detached replacement. I think the cost was ~120k but can’t remember clearly.

I think they got around the kitchen problem by pushing the kitchen into a front room.

The builder also explained the project had extra unusual costs due to connecting up two separate heating and electrical systems.

While they succeeded and the result was fine I don’t think the program would encourage many others to do the same.

Dead right. A variant of the Baptists and Bootleggers approach to politics.

woah there, Belgium is six times more densely populated then Ireland is.

yeah right like er… west dublin or the road from malahide to swords?

Its called ribbon development. I remember reading about it in my 1975 geography textbook at school.

Thank God that was never allowed to happen in Ireland or anything.

It makes local farmers and local councillors very rich you see…

You don’t think that the lack of demand for building new houses might just just possibly be connected with the

  • huge quantity of empty housing
  • lack of mortgage credit
  • house price collapse
  • recession
  • death of speculative demand
    rather than some rule about having to get your septic tank inspected??

42% of permissions for new houses were for 1-offs in q1 2010 compared to 27% for FY2005. SO the death of the one-off is exaggerated. The upmarket owner-occupier driven 1-off demand will sustain better than the speculative demand.

An Taisce make about 300 appeals per year.

Will completions for the year go under 10,000 as the CIF have predicted?

Just about every town in England has a ribbon development alongside its main roads, the practice was only stopped in the 1940’s when the planning laws banned it.

There is countryside in Belgium??!? Who knew?
Any time I go (well go through) there all I see is crumbling buildings, litter and people pissing in doorways. Oh and people wearing shaded glasses and carrying poodles who think they have a destiny to form the Civil Service of Europe.