New Standards for rented accomodation

In other words, just the absolute basics, eh?

Our cooker’s broken, does that mean that are in breech?

Maybe so but now its to be law :exclamation:

Also before I’d knock it I would note that not all landlords are models, there are some out there that make Fagan from Oliver Twist look like mother Theresa, but there are also tenants out there who make Michael Keatons character in the movie Pacific Heights look like the perfect house guest.
Therefore I would suggest that any change to further regulate a market is good but only as long as it works for both parties.

What’s really needed is for PRTB to get up to speed and be capable of handling its workload.

I don’t have a microwave, I’m off to the European Court of Human Rights to sue my landlord…

We didn’t have a microwave when we moved in. We asked, and the LandLord provided.

And it was good.


I’ve two.

To be fair, I’ve rented places in countries with far more developed tenants’ rights, but which would have fallen short of these (i.e. no microwave and no freezer).

I was offered places with no bath or shower. I don’t know if this was legal or not but it was certainly available.

Michael Davitt would be proud. No security of tenure, but sur’ we’ll throw in a microwave for ye!

The inclusion of the microwave is frankly bizarre. I don’t have one, it doesn’t particularly bother me, or else I’d have forked out the 50 quid for one. A four ring hob? Well, ok…

I’d say a lot of the studios/bedsits in the likes of Ranelagh/Rathmines/Phibsboro run afoul of the laundry requirements. Personally I wouldn’t rent somewhere without a washing machine, but if someone wanted to make a weekly trip to the laundrette instead I wouldn’t begrudge them it.

Great, Ireland has some new rules.

We collect them you know…Rules.
We obviously don’t enforce them in anyway.

Does ANYONE think the state is going to give a damn whether you have adequate food storage space. Or check that your paths and the external of the building are clean?

If we had a euro for every unenforced rule/law in this country, we wouldn’t be looking down the barrel of a recesion, we’d be building palaces.

Seriously guys…YAWN!

You might as well be telling me that the Irish Star Trek Fan Club have ammended sub section 4 paragraph 7 of their constitution to allow members from other galaxies to have full voting rights instead of the associate membership that they have previously been entitled to*.


*** If you’re a trekkie, relax, this is a made up example. As far as I know the status of Alien Aliens has not changed.**



This is the last straw.

Relax, because of their status as a collective, all Borg members must share the same vote (thanks to the Vulcans for that late amendment).

What rubbish!

If they can’t enforce the rules they have now… why are they bothering with making up news ones?

The suggestions are pitiful… “Adequate number of kitchen presses” … I sense a lot of tiny kitchens with little 2x2 inch presses just to meet the adequate number requirement…

Are they trying to perpetuate the habit of Irish people eating pre-prepared meals?

Alarmingly up to this point as a tenant you where basically entitled to a connectino point for a cooker and a toilet, even if I am not spot on it was bascially nothing of use. That was about it.

In this case the market is going to demand more than the basics.
The legislation is about 40 years late.

ironically now that demand for rentals has gone into reverse, landlords will actively do what they can to keep good tenants. i have a friend who became an accidental landlord and she’s driven mad trying to please her renters without pissing them off, she’s caught in a bind.

In Germany, you are not entitled to the above. Most apartments are totally bare and you furnish them yourself, even down to the light fittings. You do, however, have security of tenure.

As usual in Ireland, cart before the horse.