New TDs in next Dail

I am looking forward to seeing the following guys in the Dail:
Mick Wallace
Luke Ming Flanagan
Peter Matthews
Shane Ross
Michael Healy Rae

I hope Stephen Donnelly makes it in Wicklow. I reckon Paul Sommerville is banjaxed but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him.

I am in two minds about Richard Boyd Barrett. On the one hand I think he is a total eejit. On the other hand he would be seriously entertaining (if the independent lefties can get into a technical group at all).


I wouldn’t put the house on MHR yet

ooops! I thought I had taken him out. I already know what MHR has to offer by flicking over to the All Ireland Talent Show by accident every so often over the last couple of years.

As an FF stalwart from the NAMA debates round here would you not spend at least today crying under your duvey?

Not at all. All the chat of magic banks and unilateral default has disappeared out of FG policy. The codology of the past opposition has disappeared (excluding valid criticism of the guarantee). I think FG are right to say NAMA recovery operations should be privatised and I look forward to that.

FF made a very serious mistake when they ignored the Bacon report. I don’t go along with all the other accusations and conspiracy theories but that was a major fuck up. On top of that, the cabinet had gotten out of touch and stale and the party had become undemocratic and sclerotic with HQ stripping local organisations of their right to elect the last candidate for local and general elections. FF is in danger of disappearing but at the same time it needed a major kick up the hole to have a chance of regenerating itself as it needs to do. FG will now have to deal with all the unprincipled self serving people who attach themselves to whatever party is in power.

I understand that Joan Collins is to be elected for PBP. If she is the woman who harangued * Bertie outside the Dail then I hope she gets plenty of air-time over the coming years so people can see her for what she is.

BTW - I hope that the next Government is successful in everything they try to do. There is too much at stake now to be hoping for other parties to trip up.*

She was just on TV. She says people in Dublin SC want to be represented by “the hard left”. All is going to plan for Joan.

Good christ…