New York Times: Seán Dunne + Irish Economy

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Naughty maughty naughty 3 AM Suppin pints …Ah the old lockin … what recession … midweek and all. I told ye’s the cabal of Irelands finest were still partying whilst the rest of us were wandering if we had a job in the morning…

Finally the ESRI have gotten something right. Yes John it was predictable only the ESRI failed to predict it and thats well documented for everyone to see. :unamused: I know why your shaking your head … shaking it wondering how could the ESRI have gotten it sooooo wrong


Jesus that’s depressing reading, on many fronts.

Know I know the bould Sean my be trying to pass the auld buck, but trying to blame the Brits …? :angry:


Begrudgery? How the fuck can he not expect us to begrudge what he’s done to this country. Say what you like about Michael O’Leary or Tony O’Reilly. Neither of those chaps drove up the cost of a basic human need or drove our banking sector into insolvency. Ever penny that he and his wealthy property cabal have should be seized and held to cover their debts.


Typical social workers - could they not see that the mothers had changed into their going -out jammies? (and probably done their hair and make-up)


Did they count this guy???


Does Shaun know what Hubris is?


I don’t think anyone does… That’s kinda the point… :nin


I’m assuming the conversation went like this:

Seán - “Please, please, please roll over my interest payment. Please, please, please don’t take me out!”
Banker- “Sean, the only thing that will take you out is a stray bullet.”
Seán - “Thank fuck for that. Banana?”
Banker - “No thanks.”
Seán - “Which way is the exit?”
Banker - “That way - down what we like to call Sniper Alley”.


is that a chess set behind the wife?


Looks like it.

And I’m pretty sure that’s a Lyre in front of her.


Bravo! :smiley:


how scandalous - if he ever answers for his crimes, and loses every penny (presumably highly unlikely, and instead we’ll bail him out), i assume the wife will be available…my number is…


i couldn’t promise, however, to keep her in the lifestyle she has become accustomed.


In the absence of a falling off my chair smilie, please accept this:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I’m used to journalists using Finfacts for generally hard to find data, without attribution. I suggested to the NYT when asked for contacts that Sean Dunne, John Fitzgerald etc would be useful to talk to and provided relevent background information and we didn’t merit a mention XX despite this from Landon Thomas:

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help on researching Ireland. Virtually every suggestion you made I took you up on and I do not exaggerate when I say I could not have done this story without your help. The story comes out this Sunday in the NYT business section. I had one last question that I figured that your excellent nose for data might help me with…”


Gayle is alright. A former gossip columnist and regular in the POD back in the day she epitomises all that was great about the Tiger economy. Patriotism would have been a motivation for her as it would have been, no doubt, for her future beau as he planned the great escape from Carlow Town.

Doheny and Nesbitts would have been the poorer without the intellect of Mr Dunne and Ms Killilea bouncing off its ceilings. Let us not forget that it was in such humble corners that the great Tiger was born. The undoubted intellect and brilliance of those that created that beast, known colloquially as the rabid tomcat, is something that cannot be ignored when examining the legacy of the decade just past.

The last decade has been a nightmare of epic proportions. One gets the impression that only those with personal knowledge of the personalities who have shaped the Tiger society can fully appreciate its ridiculous nature.

Out with the old and in with the new folks.


I do believe I saw that chess set for sale in a Galway art gallery a couple of years back for in excess of EURO 20,000, nearly fell out the door laughing or maybe it was crying at the sad state the country had fallen into.
As for the article, I am not sure what purpose it serves, per haps a little light humor for the much troubled Wall Streeters who can have a good laugh at the paddy who still has not copped on that the new paradigm is dead and it is Business 123 again.


I thought it was obvious at this stage that the begrudgers were right.


Whats the bets he can’t play chess :smiling_imp: