Newsnight BBC2 28/09/11

Paxman on the Euro crisis, “If you think this crisis doesnt effect you you are wrong” good opening

Peter Oborne on the warpath.

Just made a Eurocrat walk out of the Brussels studio.

He also literally threw the book* at an ex FT editor.

*Peter Oborne’s "Guilty Men

Original book - “Guilty Men”:

I think most people would if they were addressed as “idiot in Brussels” without Paxo intervening until the guy had gone. Disgraceful stuff.

looking at the impact on the Greek people now

Interesting piece on the “Cant pay wont pay lads”

Bet it goes viral in Greece!

“Does Greece have a viable economic model or does it need to be propped up in perpetuity” - It would seem so.

Social breakdown; comes just before social rebuilding.

We’re watching history unfold…

I didn’t quite catch what the report said? Was it at repossession hearings or an auction of repossessed property?

I didn’t see it but I don’t like Paxman. He’s part of the coarsening of public discourse in the UK.
I think if he showed more courtesy and manners he’d get better answers.

I don’t like the histronics and shrill harpy like screeches. As well as his obsession when there’s a policy change of this signifying “failure”. Changing your mind shouldn’t signify that you’ve “failed”, governments are there to gather evidence and make decisions.

From what I could hear it was an auction of repossessed property. But there was a “lively” debate on the pressing OGara/Sexton question going on in this house at the same time so not 100%

The telegraph bully boy just came across as having something to hide. Attack is the best form of defence? Why is the Euro holding up against STG? Mr. Torygraph.

Best Newsnight opening I’ve ever heard was Paxman one evening a few years ago during some minor and by now long forgotten Westminster scandal, delivered in the inimitable Paxman drawl:

“The words piss-up and *brewery *come to mind…”

Telegraph journalist was disgraceful and just came across as a buffoon.

Must remember to leave my hammer at home if ever meeting Oborne.

I agree. Paxman wasn’t much better.

Pity the clip Grumpy posted didnt include what the Eurocrat has to say.

At least then we would know whether he wasn being idiotic or not.


Don’t think they’ll be having that.

Torygraph makes most of its sales within 50 miles of the City of London and well know how to tweak their readership into Battle of Britain type histrionics. It always was a rag at heart. :slight_smile:

Top Gear gone nationwide