Newstalk- Spinning or inept?

On the news headlines on Newstalk this afternoon the top headline is " Double boost for Consumer" and the newsreader says cost of living has fallen and rates don’t rise. When inflation rate drops back they never say on headlines that the rate of increase in prices has slowed they say cost of living has fallen which is completly inaccurate and misleading. Also the reaason inflation rate has dropped is down to retail sales collapsing and resultant summer sales which is not a good thing for consumers as it points to deeper recession.
Also the fact that rates are put on hold is hardly a boost , if they fell they may have been a boost. The fact inflation in eurozone remains well above target is a bad thing and will likely not see rates go lower this year and maybe next.

…and if rates do fall it is because the entire eurozone economy is in trouble - not good news either.

Inept. This sort of thing is very common.

But go easy on them. The verbal gymnastics that economists get up to would leave anyone confused.

Case in point: Negative Growth.

It’s the financial equivalent of friendly fire and colateral damage.


… and fresh frozen

Yeah natures way of locking in goodness. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Did you not hear? The government and the National Consumer Agency are largely responsible for the drop in inflation…

The mind boggles…what will they take credit for next? :unamused:

Speaking of taking credit, I notice that any time a minister or FF TD is interviewed about the current issues they are very careful to mention that external factors are the major cause. It seems to be policy at this stage, advised by PR hacks I presume, say it often enough and it becomes true.

I wonder did Mary negotiate a discount down at the hairdressers … ??? :laughing:

And meanwhile the opposition seem to be unwilling or unable to get any real blame to stick to FF. Afraid of ‘talking down the economy’ and getting blamed perhaps? |O

Well. I spoke to my local Fianna Fail Councillor and he assured me that the reason I can’t sell my one bedroom shoebox in Ballygobackwards for 300k is down to the AMERICAN SUBPRIME CRISIS.

But shure isn’t it awful like?

The evidence of the price barometer has indicated that the decline in pace of the inflation evident in the second quarter has abated.

Oh look, I’ve pissed myself.

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Ugh. We got amateurs in Government. Such utter bullshit comments as always from Fianna Fail and the sidekicks - amateurs, complete amateurs.

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No credit crunch in Fianna Fail.

We have athletes going to Bejing who literally had NO facilities. A cyclist from a country with no velodrome, a hammer thrower, our best hope for a medal who had limited access to a training field and had to fix her own divots.

And if by some miracle there’s a medal win, who will be up there taking credit?


Charlie Haughey comes back from the dead and stands on the podium with the medal winner.

Me bad :blush:

Only someone truly ignorant could make comments like coughlan did and not flinch.
You have to really believe in something that is at variance with reality to carry it off without blushing or a quiver in the voice.

Politicians routinely lie and if she does know the truth she is a brilliant liar,sycopathic in her delivery.

Either way we as a country are royally screwed .

He’ll look a bit odd with that wooden stake I hammered into him sticking out of his shirt !