Newstalk this morning

Anyone hear Jill Kirby on Newstalk this morning, basically, SD will have little or no impact, very rational very well argued as always.What surprised me was they did a vox pop before and the comments about SD were quite negative, house over priced done to help the developers etc.
Also most of the text messages saying it was not going to have an impact.
Claire Byrne was big on that developement in Dublin 15 with the 100k price drop.

I heard that too

the only shame was that the piece closed with Jill effectively saying that irreponsible lending practices were largely to blame for driving up prices way beyond their real value. The the token idiot EA (some fool from Clare, can’t remember his name) chimed in by saying we had the most prudent banks in the world! Unfortunately the presenter had to end things there but I would have loved to hear Jill’s response to this…

He was an EA and mortgage Broker, so of course he would think the banks lending was prudent, sure, look at all the money the banks are making, that can’t change!

Just for the fun, I looked up collins Dictinary for PRUDENT = practical and careful in providing for the future Ha! Ha! Ha!

Jill Kirby and Philip O’Reilly interview on Newstalk