Newsweek Cover: Contrary vs. Contrary Indicator ?

Newsweek Cover: Contrary vs. Contrary Indicator ? -> … indicator/

There has being a couple of major Bullish news stories the last few weeks from a contrarian point of view to highlight this fact…

hence one of the reasons why my sentiment switched to neutral and now bearish on equities…

Also this seems to be a trend across many countries…


also Weekly % of bulls vs bears are at high levels…

also retail call buying at fxxxxxx unbelieveable highs this week…


Anyways, theres always the trench minded philosophy thing whereby every piece of news supports your view - as many have noted of the bulls over the past year. Problem is the stock market bulls were right. There have been unbelievable rises in the markets in 12-18 months.

The real challenge is to consider that ‘the opposition’ might actually be right; we must consider this.
To use an entirely inappropriate metaphor, the simple fact is that we (as in ‘bearish’ Pinsters) are a tiny fighting force against an entrenched army (govt/media/banks).
Whats more, the populace are only vaguely aware of any conflict at all.

Indeed it may be that this weeks apology by Bank-economist-chap to academic-economist bloke could indeed mark the turning point, mirroring the magazine cover mentioned above.
If this is the case then the banks and govt have had an overwhelming victory. The banks are stronger than ever due to exchequer support and the govt now has some influence on dispersal of credit.

This, of course, is the worst of both worlds but in the short term much balm will flow from this arrangement to the wounds of the populace (govt freeze on pay cuts, anyone?).
How many will want to reopen old wounds for further treatment when the gangrene wont set in for 20-30 years?

So, to be contrary, have we reached a bottom of sorts?


and whats Fxxxx mean/imply?

I think the ‘xxxxxx’ can be replaced with ‘ucking’.