Newtownpark Ave Blackrock/Granville Park Dublin


There is a lot of houses recently for sale top of Newtown Park avenue and Granville Park. Usually where there is alot going for sale at similar times its to do with building. I read that there was an Educate Together going in next year top of Newtownpark Ave near the N11 but don’t see the PP online. I wonder what else is going on there. Some stunning houses for sale


They’ve introduced a ban on Range Rovers in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown…hence the mass exodus!


Not aware of anything locally except the school(s?) and the big development on the N11 (backing on the Granville). Neither would justify an exodus IMHO. I presume the secondary school will have access from the back and dropoffs may not be such an issue for a secondary but I thought that there is a primary going in there also. Dropoffs/pickups at the top of Newtownpark Ave. would be very messy I would have thought. I would say its probably an aging group who moved in at similar times in the past.


Always a tailback at the top of that hill

Granville is very quiet. Probably age related turnover.

What are those houses going for?