Next leader of FF? Who?

How’s about Dev Og? can we can we can we ? please…

It doesn’t matter who; They may be a Fresh Face, but they’ll still be Fianna Fáil and will still bear collective responsibility for the current situation.

Blue Horseshoe

After 5 years of Kenny / IMF , people will be screaming for FF .

Possibly. FG’s incredibly poor performance in opposition during the last decade is, at lest in part, IMHO, a contributing factor in the current situation, but ‘we’ chose FF to take us here.

Blue Horseshoe

Since Bert’s time in office successive governments have voted down all ammendments to Bills proposed by the opposition, even when they were perfectly reasonable/neccessary, this was not the case previously. Bert destroyed politics and FF have encouraged the “they’re all as bad as each other” line in an attempt to cling on, quite successfully. They are just awful.

Lenihan and Martin giving press conferences tommorow. Martins at 4pm…

Haha now that would be a great way to start next week


That would be the final nail in FFs coffin,if Lenihan or Martin get it there is just a glimmer of hope they may be a party of Govt in ten years time,if that dummy Coughlan gets it…GAME OVER.

However do not rule out Hanifin,though the chance of her holding her seat is slim.

How many nails do the Irish people need ? " Oh look , a FF minister married a goat , but if he has a affair with a elephant , that would be the final nail in their coffin "

You have a much higher opinion of the electorate than I,however Chuchill summed it up perfectly

“The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”

personally I would love to see Coughlan as leader of FF,her utter incompetence turned inwards on the party would ensure its demise once and for all.

Who cares! It’s too little - too late.


Welcome to the 'pin.

lenihan declares:

@rtenews BREAKING: Brian Lenihan’s spokeswoman has confirmed he will be a candidiate for the #ffleader #ge11!/RTEnews

great stuff! 8DD

Cuív, Ó likely to declare this evening as gaeilge ar TG4 @ 7pm.

As always Paddy Power knows:

Martin 1/25

Lenihan 10/1 … _ids=88115

Nuff said

the whip system is the problem, a political system that allows one man to do that is broken

Cuív, Ó Éamonn confirmed to run for FF leadership

She could be Ireland’s Sarah Palin :open_mouth:
Martin is very like Enda, a little bit plastic and lacking charisma but will probably get through as he seems to be the one who stepped up to the plate

I don’t know why I care, have never voted FF nor am I likely to and whoever takes over the shell of a party after the GE will not lead them back into power

btw - thread title should be changed to Next leader of FF? Who cares?

Its a choice of being the leader of.
The Judean peoples front.
Or The peoples front of Judea.