Next Phase of Adamstown is GO!

Reported by Property Week, 23rd July 2008

Blue Horseshoe

Going nowhere I would say

Indeed. Its debatable whether this phase will even start before the PP lapses.

From the first article, above

“Our focus is on delivering the long term vision for Adamstown as a complete community, not just a town. We will soon see the 1000th home occupied and have already delivered key facilities, such as the train station, QBC bus service, schools and crèche ahead of schedule. The first local centre shops will also open this autumn”

Not one shop for 1,000 households? Surely that can’t be right?

Well you have Liffey valley not 2 miles away and the Lucan shopping centre is less than 1 mile away. The Citywest shopping centre is over the road aswell. Accross the road from the main entrance to Adamstown there is a shop also, right beside a pub. Besides empty houses that area is not short on retail space…