NGO Watch - Amnesty cell pushing for All Ireland Abortion


It doesnt confirm your point entirely at all. You need to read beyond the cherrypicked aspects toward the beginning to ascertain ‘the fundamentals’ so to speak…which are very much in opposition to the proposal to extend English abortions norms to the North ie in a manner that is very much in keeping with the principles underpinning Brexit which the same cohort claim to be undermining democracy in the UK.

Anyway if you wish to debate the detail further feel free take it to the old abortion thread and ill engage over there.

Britain leaving the European Union.

No need as you cant point to where i am cherry picking
There was an amnesty poll showing 66% support a change in the absence of stormont

Not sure about there poling but it was a poll of 1000 people so id assume a ± error of 3%

Back to brexit anyways…
One thing that is relevant to northern Ireland is there has to be more power exercised by Stormont but DUP SF just cant seem to act like grown ups. SF decision to continue to evade their responsibility and attend te UK parliament means the only voice there is the hard line DUP brexiteers who dont not represent the overall views of NI.
In relation to NI only backstop, i think it is only reasonable at a minimum that the politicians in NI should have a say in any decision, providing they can get Stormont back up and running.


The Amnesty link you’ve provided states that a majority of people in Northern Ireland favour decriminalisation of women who procure an abortion. The link i provided earlier also states that there is likely a majority in favour of abortion being provided under certain limited circumstances ie that is the form of liberalisation that they are referring to, not the extension of unrestricted access to same up to 24 weeks as exists in England and which Parliament wishes to impose on the North. Youl’l note also that an overwhelming majority in the North believe that the issue should be legislated for by Stromont and not by Westminster (sound familiar?).

So in terms of the underlying principle as it pertains to Brexit and more specifically to the fanciful notion around the supposed erosion of democracy, the likes of Amnesty again out themselves as hypocrites when they advocate for the introduction of abortion (as it exists in England) in the North on the basis of a majority of people across the UK as a whole believing that to be the correct course of action (as per your article above) ie no erosion of democracy in this instance because, presumably, its the liberal stance on the matter. Brexit on the other hand is an imposition of creeping anti democratic totalitarianism on the people of Northern Ireland etc etc


serious how can you response like that when it there in black and white

**Amnesty’s survey of people living in Northern Irish revealed that: **

*** 65% believe that having an abortion should not be a crime ;**
66% believe that in the absence of a devolved government, Westminster should reform the law ;
*** 80% think a woman should have the choice of an abortion when her health is at risk;

*** 80% agree that a woman should have the choice of abortion in cases of rape or incest ;**
*** 73% agree that the woman should have the choice of abortion in cases of fatal foetal abnormality** .


Again, to repeat, as highlighted by Amnesty above, a majority of people in the North favour liberalisation of the law as it pertains to the issue of abortion to include decriminalisation as well as legislating to provide access in (i) cases where a threat to the life of the mother exists, (ii) cases of fatal foetal abnormality and (iii) cases of rape or incest.

I have pointed you to these figures myself in a previous post and indeed they are stances I woud share.

However, what Amnesty fails to inform is the following

“Over 40 per cent (43 per cent) said it should definitely be illegal for a woman to have an abortion because she has become pregnant and not does not want to have children with 17 per cent saying it should probably be illegal”.

As well as the following…

“Over 60 per cent of respondents definitely or probably felt a woman should not be allowed to have an abortion because she felt she had completed her family or because she felt she couldn’t afford more children with her family on a low income while 69 per cent were against a woman having an abortion because she was about to start a new job.”

So yes there is a majority in favour of amending the current legislation to provide for abortion under certain limited circumstance ie the ‘hard cases’. But there is clearly zero appetite for introduction of a regime such as that which exists in England ie more or less unrestricted access to 24 weeks …which was my initial point.

In other words, given Amnesty’s (and others of the (neo?) liberal persuasion) claims with regard to the supposedly anti democratic nature of Brexit as it applies to the North, their parralel support for the extension of English abortion law to the same jurisdiction (based it would seem on cherry picked data related to ‘hard cases’ alone) is hypocritical in the extreme…as well as being wholly anti democratic based on their own metric (creeping totalitarianism anyone?)