NI Biggest employers hits major snag

Shorts is by far the biggest private sector employer in NI. One of the flagship products produced is part of the Q400 regional plane. …

These aircraft have a serious problem as you can see. … Id=1145841

This is the third time this has happened to the same type of plane with the same airline, in less than 2 months … crash.html

The accident came less than two days after a Q400 carrying 69 passengers and four crewmembers on SAS’ flight SK1209 from the Danish capital Copenhagen to Aalborg, also in Denmark, was involved in a landing incident at 4:10 p.m. local time at Aalborg on Sunday. Five passengers were slightly injured during the evacuation of the aircraft on landing.

Prior to Sunday’s incident at Aalborg, the flightcrew identified problems with the Q400’s main landing gear and they prepared a controlled emergency landing. Upon landing the aircraft’s main landing gear collapsed.

SAS wasn’t immediately able to confirm why the Q400 landed at Lithuania’s capital Vilnius while operating a flight to the coastal town of Palanga, whether the Vilnius incident involved the Q400’s landing gear, or the weather at the time the incident happened.

While Lonnqvist was able to confirm that SAS was immediately grounding the 21 other Q400s in its fleet, in addition to the two aircraft damaged in the two incidents, he could not confirm if the three additional Q400s, 17 Q100s and 10 Q300s operated by SAS Group’s Norwegian regional subsidiary Wideroe Flyveselskap would also be grounded.