NIB call the bottom

Thankfully with the Pin we can file away these little gems for future reference.

I call NIB bottom.

Toole by name, tool by nature.
Bottoming out, eh?
Come back in another six years.

But…but…but…the daft report said prices only declined by 0.7% in the last 12 months. Who am I to believe!

Ringing a bell are they?

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Hopefully we’ll get better odds at Paddy power soon.

Indeed. Have a search on the Pin and we can see that we have…
Jan 08: SherryFitz call the bottom
Jan 08: Coldwell Banker call the bottom
Mar 08: DNG call the bottom
Mar 08: Irish Nationwide call the bottom
Apr 08: SIndo calls the bottom
Apr 08: NIB calls the bottom

[Edit: seems that a few more have done the same]

Spot prize for first poster with evidence of VI calling bottom for the second time!!!

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When they say: *‘its bottoming out’ *

What it means: *‘its dying on its arse.’ *

Bottoming out is VI speak for ‘mooning’, as in ‘we show our contempt for other people’s intelligence by mooning at them in broad daylight whenever we get the chance, we moon at them from our office windows, we moon at them from our cars, we moon at them on the beaches, we moon in the fields and in the streets, we shall never stop mooning’.

For all I know it could be banker code for ‘the arse has fallen out of the property market’?


Sorry to be a fusspot, but as I happen to know Ronnie, do you mind not insulting him a la Richard Head, etc.?

I’ve no problem with people disagreeing with his analysis - after all, he’s put it out there to be discussed - but I was under the impression that personal comments of this nature were against the spirit of this site… no?

(Incidentally, I’d feel the same if I didn’t know him, but was moved to bring this up as I know him.)

Apologies, will delete now!

I like the bit where they say that sales will return to normal*. That is really good news because the Irish building industry has cleverly anticipated this demand by overbuilding to the tune of 300k+ units.

  • Normal demand save for the following exceptions;

The significant nunber of potential buyers that cannot secure financing.
That small but growing number of people who have/will loose their jobs