Nice gaff going cheap.

Compared to what 600k stg could buy you in London or Dublin this is a steal.

I present to you Jeremy Clarkson’s childhood home … 595000-gbp

Making this propertypin related I think my future strategy is to retire as early as possible and buy a nice house somewhere relatively remote(but still close to hospitals and transport links) and bail on the rat race while renting through my working years.

Equidistant from Doncaster and Pontefract… convenient.

Yes, but it is only 28 miles from Leeds. Population 750,000, great city.

You could get a better value right now in Kent, 45 minutes by train from central London for far better value than similar homes in South Dublin. London is buzzing right now, lots of work.

45 minutes by train? 45km from Leeds?

There are umpteen Pin threads where people consider the M50 the limit of commutable distance, and that’s only 10km from the city centre.

You can buy a nice house (by Irish standards) well within 45km of Dublin for under 150k, and within 15km for under 300k.

No, I said Kent is 45 minutes from central London by train.

“28 miles from Leeds” is 45km.

There is no comparison between living in South Dublin / working in town and living in Kent / working in the City.

I’d take Ireland every time if the job was right. For decent value with access to schools you have to go as far as Tonbridge / Royal Tunbridge Wells - 2 hours a day commuting is not a lifestyle choice. On the plus you can be in France in an hour.

Orpington has some super properties and it is 30 minutes to London bridge on the train. I have friends who live in Leopardstown who say their commute into Dublin is far longer than this.

St Olaf’s school is one of the best schools in the country, it is a grammar school so it is free and in Orpington. Newstead Woods, another outstanding school in the vacinity. I just don’t think Dublin is great value at all. Yes Tunbridge is nice but it is very far out.

Lots of people have an hour each way of a commute each day. I live 5 miles from where I work in central London and it takes me over an hour each day, each way. I think south Dublin is still very over priced.

If that’s true, you should definitely consider cycling. On a half decent bike you’ll easily be able to cover 5 miles in half an hour, even as a rookie.

Yes, but Orpington is poorly serviced by public transport (as evidenced by the 1 hr commute). Agree schools are very good.


I am happy with my commute and I value my life - I have seen too many injured cyclists. I think cycling in London looks trechorous.

Cheeky offer,

Are you seriously suggesting that a half hour each way is too long to spend on a train each day and represents an area being poorly serviced by public transport? Are you pulling my leg?

+1, or even walk (or jog/run).
I cover 4.5km to work on foot in under 33mins (includes lots of crossing roads etc.,). You could cover the 5 miles in just over an hour at that pace.

You did say it takes 1 hour [each way] - i.e. two hours per day, no?

No, 30 minutes each way

“Orpington has some super properties and it is 30 minutes to London bridge on the train.”

I lived in London and commuted 15km in about 1 hr (Richmond->Victoria).
I now live in Dublin and commute 15km (from outside the M50 to D2) in 35 minutes-1 hr, depending on which form of transport I take.

I don’t live in south Dublin though. Maybe things are bad there.

I have a 50min commute by car and people keep telling me its madness and i’m living too far out from the city. That is 50min from locking my front door to putting the kettle on in the office.

When I challenge them about their commute it turns out most spend more than and hour getting to work, some even more, between walking to a bus, train and walking to the office or cycling etc.

For me, a 9km commute in east London would have been about 30-40 min by tube & foot, or about 15-20 by motorcycle. The latter was fine, the former I started to find irritating, particularly if it was around rush hour or in hot weather, when the tube was like a slow cooker.

Am I the only person to find commuting by public transport more tiring than doing it under my own steam, particularly when it involves being left to the tender mercies of Dublin Bus?

For journeys of under a quarter of an hour or so, I find that the level of fatigue goes:


around half an hour to an hour, it’s


at around two hours it’s


Obviously the relative distances are different, it’s just journey time I’m thinking about.

Anything over a couple of hours is exhausting, however it’s done and buses are always crap. Planes are also very tiring, but that might have something to do with high altitude pressurisation and reduced oxygen levels, in addition to the usual travel fatigue.

Edit: combined two replies.

The two statements are not inconsistent.

Orpington is not 5 miles from central London and the second journey is not necessarily to London Bridge. Bea was describing two different journeys.

A half hour commute would be right at the limit of my sanity. An hour is crazy.

How can anyone put in the hours required in the City, add two hours per day on the train and still have a life?