Nigel Farage:Euro Game is up. Who the hell do you think are?


I bet he will get more support after that


Thanks for the links. Good summary of UKIP’s latest shenanigans.

Edit: A new one today in the Torygraph: My rivals should be hanged for treason, says Ukip candidate

:bulb: Here’s a thought - perhaps if UKIP fielded fewer barking mad candidates, media coverage of the party would be less negative?
Farage claims he’s weeding out the racists and extremists, but he says that every year and still the party is full of nutters.


You could probably say that just about every political party on the planet, his problem is that his nuts do as much to help the party as they do to hinder it.


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I tend to think it’s a little more basic that that.
He’s the only person to tackle immigration head on.

It’s being handled with kid-gloves by all mainstream political parties, so the inevitable outcome was a PC-derived fudge, where no real decisions were taken.
So the problem festered for far too long.

I call it a ‘problem’, because it was being done against the express wishes of the general population.

You can argue as to the merits (or otherwise) of immigration, but to force it on the population without necessary consent only leads to problems.
And ignoring it hasn’t made it go away.

Immigration hasn’t just become an issue, it always was, but lacked an even half-decent candidate to use it as a platform.

Farage has picked up the votes of those who are anti-immigration, but baulk at the BNP. And going by the level of support, it’s considerable in size.


The problem that Farage won’t spell out for the Brits is simple: either Brits start having lots of kids again or they allow foreigners migrate to their country; they can’t continue not having kids AND not allowing dem furriners in. Brits should start having big families again because in time people here will copy them, helping put a floor under collapsing home prices.


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What is it about Junker they dislike ?


Well for a start he’s too EU-federalist.


He’s not terribly popular among the EU leaders -Cameron making such a song and dance was the best thing that could happened from Junkers perspective


Came across two UKIP-related things this week:

23% of Scots more likely to vote ‘Yes’ to independence because UKIP is calling for a ‘No’ vote

Farage will be a candidate for parliament for South Thanet.
He’ll be up against Craig MacKinley, a former UKIP deputy head who defected to the Tories.


The news out of Rotherham probably does Nigel a lot of favours.


Rotherham has been a labour controlled council since the 1930’s.

Incidentally, it has just been announced that Douglas Carswell has defected to the UKIP. Thus, the UKIP now have its first MP.


Apparently not as he’s also resigned his seat.


He’s also an archetypal inside track, back room machine politician. A lot of the Tories have always felt semi-detached from the EU institutions, even when they’ve been in favour of the single market elements of its policy and as for UKIP, they just pride themselves on being anti-establishment. No matter if they agree with any policies he might champion, they’ll always suspect he’s pulling a fast one.
This might seem a bit ironic, since the Tories traditionally had a reputation for having everything decided by men in grey suits in smoke-filled rooms; but they feel very uneasy when the decisions aren’t wrapped up by their men in grey suits. :nin


Aanways, I wonder will Daniel Hannan be next.


Peter Sutherland was on the News at 1 on RTE radio earlier. He wants an EU Commissioner for Migration and an EU wide policy rather than each member state having it’s own rules and regulations, under Justice Ministers. Also believes the Dublin Convention should be done away with as it unfairly means the Southern states have to take more asylum seekers than the rest.
More migration = keeps wages lower and high flying International business men like himself are big fans of that!

Anyways his point was that migration needs to be properly managed policy wise and people need to be convinced of the merits of it or else extremist right wing parties like ‘UKIP and Le Pen’s party in France’ will continue to rise was what he said.
Of course he was’nt pulled up on this but should he have been allowed get away with calling UKIP an ‘extremist right wing party’


Opinion polls show the Tories & Lib Dems have some competition in next years British election.

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“He” wasn’t happy with coal and steel no?