Nigel Farage:Euro Game is up. Who the hell do you think are?


I’m not really sure what you’re looking for, but since moving to Dublin a few years ago I’ve come across loads of African immigrants in various situations (doctors, taxi drivers, childcare people, all sorts) and never had any issue. They’ve helped deliver my children, educate my children, take me home drunk from the pub, and not even a sniff of a 419er.

I’ve no idea exactly how many of the were Nigerian cos I didn’t check their passports.

What exactly is your position winston?


Meanwhile, how many Irish people were accepted in other countries?

Ah shure, everyone loves the Irish… :neutral_face:


Totally different subject but you probably know that.

@Ex-Patrick. Just for the record, asylum #'s granted mean nothing in this country where nothing is ever done properly. Less than 2% of failed asylum seekers have been deported. The rest beat the system in several different ways…Irish born child, endless appeals etc. So the vast majority of the 20,000+ Nigerians that have come here in the past 15 years, are still here.

But moving away from the ever contentious issue of the joke that is asylum in Ireland, I note that the elephant in the room in the ongoing Greyhound dispute is eastern European migration.
The ‘scabs’ as the protesters and those on strike call them (those that came in to drive the waste trucks when the strike started) are mainly of Eastern European origin…young Polish, Romanians etc. It must be a killer for the ‘left’ who so embraced open borders and allowing full access to the Irish labour market upon EU enlargement in 2002, to now find so much job displacement happening to the ‘locals’.
A 45yo Irish waste operative with a mortgage and a few kids is never going to be able to compete with a 20yo unmarried Pole who shares a gaff with 5 or 6 mates. Either in terms of wage demands or probably output.

So now the Irish Times and the Left are looking to have the ‘living wage’ concept brought into play, IMO, to try and combat whats happening all over this country.


Really? It’s a totally different subject that freedom of movement applies into Ireland as well as out of it? Shure who knew… ar begorrah…


Winston and ex-Patrick are on to each other about asylum numbers and Nigerians in particular coming into Ireland.
I haven’t heard of any Irish claiming asylum around the world recently…plenty emigrating to Canada, UK, US and Oz/NZ alright on valid work visas etc. If any of them over stay or go over and work illegally, I for 1 have no sympathy in this day and age if they are caught and deported back here.

Is that ‘begorrah’ enough for you


If you want to put something on “the record”, can you please give me a link to a source for this information? I can figure out how many Nigerians arrived in Ireland in the past 15 years in the ‘asylum’ category, but for the rest of this I’ll need your help.

Edit: Wikipedia has some non-alarmist information:
16,300 Nigerians resident in Ireland in 2006.

@Winston, I’ve lived in Ile de France, Nord, and Bourgogne. Lots of immigrants everywhere I’ve lived, including me.


Carswell re-elected with a good majority - 59.7% of the vote.


What a mess. (And no prizes for guessing where many of those “missing” asylum seekers have gone?) … rt-reveals


*…the Home Office is struggling to contain major problems across the entire immigration system…the committee found that officials were struggling with fresh asylum claims, which is creating a new backlog of cases.

The report also addresses the “migration refusal pool” – where people are recorded as having no permission to be in the UK, but officials do not know if they have left or have stayed without authorisation, which has just over 175,000 people awaiting removal from the UK, it says. But Capita, the private company contracted by the Home Office, found that 50,000 people who had not been given permission to stay could not be contacted, the MPs found.

The centre-right mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, added to Cameron’s woes when she told the home affairs select committee that the British government had done nothing to tell potential migrants that there was no “El Dorado” for them in the UK. She said that there were 2,500 migrants in the French port who were “willing to die” to come to Britain.*

The Tories are being accused by Ukip of failing to curb immigration and face the possibility of losing the Rochester and Strood byelection in Kent next month to the insurgent Eurosceptic party as the issue dominates political debate.


Bouchart should just ferry the people camped in Calais over to England and leave Cameron and Farage to sort it out.
I mean, they want to control their own borders, don’t they?


Addressing the Greek PM in EU Parliament


Why does this guy get such a prime time slot? Is he the head of a very large group or something?


He’s co-leader of the EFD grouping in the EP

He does talk a lot of sense imho.

Hollande responds by telling countries they should leave the EU if they cannot follow the correct path!


That’d be pretty hard on Farage. He still hasn’t managed to get himself elected to UK Parliament so he’d be out of a job.

Edit: I think Hollande is just using Farage as a way to score points off Marine Le Pen.


Anyone else find it a tad bit alarming the French calling for an European army?


Armies were always a good way of keeping society’s malcontents gainfully occupied (or, at least, occupied). Hollande probably just hopes the Front National people would all sign up.


I can’t see how the Front National types would be interested in joining an army that may also have many potential enemies amongst its ranks, Hollande is more likely looking to installing more “torsion bars” to hold the EU framework together.

An EU wide army would be another barrier on the road for any member wanting to leaving the EU.


Par for the course…the French have always liked to have someone else doing their fighting


You seem to have swallowed the whole ‘cheese-eating surrender monkey’ nonsense. The French have always been able to fight their corner, and are active in a number of foreign deployments at any given time. They’ve recently had troops in Mali, the CAR, Afghanistan, been engaged in Syria, and probably a bunch of other deployments that get overlooked by the anglo-centric media.


Irish politicians facing a Farage of criticism in the IT:

Nigel Farage: Ireland has been crushed by iron fist of the EU
Your politicians have sold out for free sandwiches and jobs in Brussels