Nigel Farage:Euro Game is up. Who the hell do you think are?



In the good old days, they could be drafted, posted somewhere exotic and left to die of malaria, dysentery and yellow fever. Given advances in public sanitation and modern medicine, a more active way of disposing of them would be needed. This could soon get out of control, we’ve already started more than enough wars without any idea of how to finish them…


The loony right gift exists on this side of the Atlantic too!


Ballina! The Year of the French.
France using Ireland in a bid to strike a blow at it’s then enemy of Britain


Or France taking up the Irish cause and fighting on Ireland’s behalf. Matter of perspective I suppose.


Or France taking up the Irish cause and fighting on Ireland’s behalf. Matter of perspective I suppose.
Indeed…but I’d reckon France in 1798, with Napoleon leading the army, was more concerned with beating/waekening the Brits than securing Irish freedom and sailing home again! Not that I wish they hadn’t come in greater numbers back then!

But all to do with one’s perspective as you say


Lunch with the FT: Nigel Farage - via @FT

great piece :smiley:



Bit of a lightweight for a journalist, they only had a few pints

If they ever send him to interview BIFFO he could run into some serious problems

Not a proper journalist


France told UK last October to leave EU if they did not want further integration. (youtube link is gone!)
In a debate with MEP Farage, Hollande stated:
*** “We’ve been going through this for years. If we don’t want to strengthen Europe, then there’s only one road. I heard what Mr Farage say that the only road is for those who are not convinced of Europe is to leave Europe. There is no other way. It’s a horrible path, but it’s a logical path. Leave Europe, leave Schengen and leave democracy. Do you really want to participate in a common state? That’s the question.” ***
Hollande went on to say that EU is heading for a federal structure. “We need to keep our eyes on the long term, for the federation of nation states, which must remain our horizon”


Nigel Farage EU Parliament 28 June 2016


Jesus christ, wow just wow

“No deal is better than the rotten deal we have now” … parliament

One good thing to come out of this Brexit is finding out how entertaining the House of Commons and EU Parliament can be…


He loved that. No other flags on display in the chamber at people’s desks. Is it against etiquette or policy?


Farage starting to repeat himself, sure beats having to declare some real policy. [Never mind, Nige, if Brexit fails you could always find work as a stand up…

Farage six months ago:

Farage today:
“Funny isn’t it, how things have changed - when I came here 17 years ago and said I wanted to lead a campaign to get Britain to leave the European union, you all laughed at me, but i have to say, you’re not laughing now are you?”

Farage - he literally couldn’t make it up!



If you look at what he (Nigel Farage) said when he used the word “Most” in his sentence this may actually still be correct. I’m not really sure. But picking out one singular example of someone who is a worker is not necessarily proof that Nigel Farage was incorrect in what he was saying.

Clearly, Nigel Farage has had an agenda for many years and now he has been successful in some way.

Change is rarely a good thing (though it is often promoted as a good thing by many in government since it suits the idea of continuous confusion and disarray that government likes to have so that it can keep busy fixing things).
This change does promise a wake up for many.
A big wake up could take place in the UK to address the items of concern.

A bigger wake up is now needed in the EU as a whole.

The Irish government is fundamentally a sell out operation of the people to the benefit of special interests.
Always has been but the EU has given it even more powers to abuse people.
Irish people are very tolerant of abuse and if they can’t take it then they leave since they know that complaining about abuse in this country will only get you more. Ireland - Losers Paradise.


well, he actually said "Virtually none of you "; in any event it’s ironic considering Johnson and Gove are two former journalists

Do you think it was based on actual research or mere schoolboy insults


I watched that clip a few times yesterday. Andriukaitis is not doing a face palm … he’s stifling a yawn, followed by a wry smile.


irrelevant detail… he’s probably too well behaved to do a face palm in public. He probably felt like doing a face palm but upbringing produced a wry smile (=the Gentleman’s ways of saying “WTF is happening here” without saying it) instead.

Wasn’t there a similar thing on the Hillary thread where she’s ogling that other woman, which also was just a frame in an otherwise inconspicuous moment?


Imagine, you come from a gulag, educate yourself resist communism and some Putin admiring twat ( who got his job out of school because of his father) lectures you on freedom.


Here’s a direct link to the relevant bit.