Nigel Farage:Euro Game is up. Who the hell do you think are?


Once a politician starts putting god into any discussion as a prop, I stop listening as it implies that you have blind faith in what they promise.


Had Nigel been born and raised this side of the pond he would have made excellent rural FF or FG TD material - might have even been friendly with Ben Dumb or even got into property development!


THE SATURDAY ESSAY: UKIP – it’s easy when you don’t know how. - -> … -know-how/


Maybe he could ask Jonathan Aitken about growing up in Dublin and see how that works out? :open_mouth:


If this lot ever get near the reigns of power it could hasten the breakup of the UK.

What that might mean for Ireland is anyones guess…


It would be the SNP’s trump card!


Interesting read, thanks.


Farage is not very popular in Edinburgh:



Farage won this spat and it’s not even close.


With friends like these…

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I’m not sure Nigel is ready for national politics.



Nigel Farage:tax cheat game is up. Who the hell does he think he is?

Is he finished?


It looks like a family trust which constitutes tax planning rather than evasion.

When I worked in the UK a lot of people I knew set them up for educational or inheritance purposes.


Joe UKIP-voting Punter isn’t about to be setting up family trusts. Most of the corporations that have not paid any tax have not evaded either.

The point is about sharp practice, not about whether it was legal or not.


Sharp practice no doubt, but being legal means the story will fail to gather sufficient traction to have long-term implications for him and his party…



Unfortunate pixel fault on big screen in Salford