Nigel Farage:Euro Game is up. Who the hell do you think are?



Nigel Farage becomes popular in Greece after outburst against the PM - -> … is-samaras



In a not unrelated note, the Front National are set to make gains in elections today in France - and most probably in the European elections in May. The Economist (and many others) reckon there are parallels with the success of UKIP and others.

Not sure why Ireland doesn’t have a far-right party but maybe the republican far left tap that discontent. According to today’s Red C poll, SF are on 21%, one point behind FF (who are on level pegging with ‘others’).


If you go far enough “Left” you’ll probably end up on the far right!, so there’s no real need for a far right party unless you want rid of " foreigners".


Farage scored a big victory against Clegg in the latest debate - with YouGov’s poll saying he won 68/27. Here’s the headline the BBC went with:

Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage get personal over EU in BBC debate


Ah like ‘Brits Out!’ :angry:


They have both bases covered so. :wink:


I can’t understand why the BBC is giving Farage so much air time. He’s irrelevant to UK national politics and only slightly relevant as a European politician.
Ironic that the only success he’s had is in the institutions that he makes his living from condemning. Marine Le Pen is in a similarly illogical position.


Because he’s the politician everyone is talking about.
Ratings, dear boy, ratings.



He may be of monster raving lunatic persuasion, but he’s nothing if not entertaining. My favourite Europhobe :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe the media can be controlled to stop Farage?


I don’t think Farage is irrelevant - come the general election in 2015, UKIP may well hold the balance of power and end up in a coalition with the Tories, which is a horrible vision to contemplate. He’s a charasmatic and dangerous man … UKIP play on the fear of the “other” in a time of economic crisis. His rise and the rise of UKIP isn’t a million miles away from the rise of the right in Germany in the interwar years. “The Nazis - a warning from history” might be worth another look.


I’d completely agree with the intuition she has.

However, she would be better served by saying something along the lines of, “the obscure control mechanisms currently in place that dictate the tenor and content of the media, should be replaced by more intelligent, more democratic (in the higher sense of the word), fully transparent control mechanisms…”

Presently, the two most dominant control mechanisms in place are the tacit measuring of media output against what is most in the interests of *(a) business (b) entertainment. *And of course, news is treated as a commodity that must be sold, and that should keep advertisers happy.

Now, the stoking up and propagation of fear, bigotry, racism, insularity, and division, measure up just fine under the present system. In fact it is just great. 100%.

But it is fucking insane. There are a lot of stupid people out there whose mode of thinking is just repeating what they read and hear. They come to believe this is the reality acknowledged by many, that others feel as they do, that there is strength in numbers, and that the base human instincts thus conjured up are acceptable.

But they’re not. Of course, that won’t be realised until things have gone much too far.


really!!! :unamused:


And there are a lot of not-so-stupid people on here who assume that a political outsider must be a nutter. I’ve yet to see any valid criticism on Farage that isn’t just an attack on an irrelevant random nutter who joined his party, or involves some vague slippery slope argument.


Nigel Farage disowns all of Ukip’s 2010 manifesto policies

It’s difficult to take the man seriously.


That’s blatantly untrue - he did not disown all the 2010 manifesto. He made the perfectly reasonable statement that some policies have changed, and if you want to know which parts have changed then look at the current manifesto. Do you seriously expect him to have gone through the hundreds of pages in the 2010 manifesto to say which ones still stood?

All parties change their manifestos. Why would you expect UKIP to be any different?

Btw - I’d agree that UKIP has too many nutters in it (as do all new political parties), but in ten or twenty years enough of them may have been weeded out. Although I’m not so sure that UKIP will survive another twenty years given Farage’s ego.


This is extremely unlikely. In fact the Tories are very worried that UKIP will eat into their vote, cost them seats and potentially the majority. UKIP themselves are unlikely to take more than a handful of seats under the first-past-the-post voting system (and probably 0)

This is ludicrously alarmist. UKIP are hell bent on breaking away from Europe, they’re hardly likely to invade it! (You do know his wife’s German incidentally?)


Wasn’t the point of the video to show that she’s very hazy on her own supposed sphere of knowledge but she’s calling for tacit censorship? Her intuition doesn’t sound all that great

I think the media in its broadest sense is more intelligent and democratic than it’s ever been, tbh. (This website counts.) I’ve no idea what the above is supposed to mean in practice but in media, diversity and freedom are usually the answer.