NIRSA To Publish Map of all Ghost Estates Monday or Tuesday

Well done guys, great high quality high tempo blogging when we need it.

High time some quality research was done on this national scandal.

*“It’s the empties stoopid” *goes mainstream at last :smiley:



Hopefully they will have it out in time for Pat Kennys frontline prog as mentioned in the other thread

We’ll see the high water mark of the credit tsunami at last.

Victory for the ideapin! Er, wait a minute…

These people are doing some fantastic work!

of these 300,000+ empties, does anyone have a view on what proportion are owned by “investors” and what proportion are unsold inventory held by developers/banks/NAMA?

Of the 350,000

35,000 belong to Country Toms members ( or recent members like Zoe/Danninger)
50,000 are accepted as being holiday homes perhaps up to 65k when you count family homes held for sentiment but rarely holidayed in as such.

The other 265k belong to investors and single house builders who did not manage to sell them yet and are too small to join the CIF and people who just got married and moved it with the other half …all sorts to be honest.

As Country Toms members tend to build estates not one offs his members unsold stuff should show on the map next week, the rest is too fragmented.

**We need some intelligent census questions next time out ( only 15 months to the next census guys ) or we will never know **:frowning:

Looks like it could be an excellent template with which to re-vitalise

We will have a nice county by county list from which all the happy snappers on the pin can work off.

That ship has sailed, the questions are already decided on: … 202011.pdf

The household questions haven’t changed since 2006.

H1 Type of accommodation
H2 Year house was built
H3 Nature of occupancy of household
H4 Rent paid
H5 Number of rooms
H6 Central heating
H7 Water supply
H8 Sewerage facilities

if you take 2packs estimate of 265k units owned by small-time speculators … and assume the speculators paid average 250k per unit …

that totals 66.25Bn in small-time speculative investments gone sour … often on 100% mortgages …

we are talking another NAMA sized hole here, even before we talk about foreign property

I’m not sure an empty house is going to fill in the forms :slight_smile:

I would not assume that at all. Remember that many empties and rented properties belong to the same speculators…except they let some and not others. They would be liable for the empties tax each way.

As regards empties and rented houses together, eg all investors.

100k persons own one each
36k persons own an average of nearly 5 second homes each for the rest.

Not every empty qualifies for the empty tax either …eg if Country Toms gang owns them or the owner is in a nursing home.

Therefore I add the 350k empties to the 150k rented homes and come up with a total of 500k NPPRs

I remove 35 for country Tom and 15k for nursing homes and say

The maximum take from the NPPR take is 450,000 x €200 or €90m. A good level of compliance is €70m.

Actually only €57m came in up to December. Why?

Most of that is pure evasion and some avoidance ‘anomalies’ like one off builders not members of the CIF and who may not be liable …yet it is €17m more than the government ‘expected’ in the 2009 budget.

Even the Times admitted that there is another €20m to be collected which implies €77m gross take or 385,000 qualifying units but the answer is that Finance and Environment haven’t a bloody clue.

The INTERESTING bit is the breakdown. I would assume the ratios remain the same for the non compliant homes and therefore overall. … 55026.html

Here we go … t-estates/

A poxy pox.

Is there any list of these ghost estates just in case I wish to unburden those poor wee developers of a dwelling in Offaly or Westmeath?

Or indeed to add to it. I don’t see Church Hill in Tullamore.

I’d say over 50% of Church Hill is purchased and individuals are nursing their loses.

Yeah, maybe. But look at the amount for sale… it probably fits the 50% empty (part by investors) or unfinished. No?

My relatives own enough of that estate for me to think that the developers got a fair bit off loaded before the worst came.
I know one of my relatives was forced to purchase after the market turned.