NL: Dutch home sellers reduce prices

**Dutch home sellers reduce prices **


Netherlands Population: 16,423,431. Area: 41,528 sq km. Density (Pop per km²): 395. Average house price €233,000

Ireland Population: 4,147,901. Area: 70,273 sq km. Density (Pop per km²): 59. Average house price €267,000

The Netherlands 6.7 times more densley populated than Ireland.

for all statistics with regards to construction housing etc, in english : … efault.htm
all data for everybody to see BD

maybe a project for the next government here to make this data available to the irish public :angry: :angry: :angry:

anyway a quick browse with regars to how much has been built there in recent years :
amount of habitable dwellings
in 1995 : 6276045
2008 : 7064003
so 787958 dwellings have been added in the last 13 years, for a populaton of 15million+ … go compare

And of course, they’re not making any more of it… Oh wait, this is Holland right… :smiling_imp: